Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

Celoteh Razlin - Hentam Kau!

Razlin Dawina

Hi Famemasians,

Would also like to add further to some points made by Li Lian.

Yes the Exco were voted in by the members, and are the official faces of Famemas as certain organisations are concerned. Hence when seatings are limited, Excos should attend and mingle and build rapport and who knows, we may get help and support form these organisations.

Li Lian also has a point that when it comes to cheering, getting the numbers are also a challenge. However I'm sure that there are members (who don't hold any posts) who do not fail to turn up and provide support when required. These people should be given priority to attend makan-makan functions as well.

As for the runs and marathons.. the only running i do these days is to run away from work. hahaha.. OK la.. it's back to work for me <-- penat lari.

Byebye and take care.

Best regards,
Razlin Dawina

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Lyn berkata...

Aik! Macam mana email ni boleh jadi for public viewing??