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Contohi Penyokong Laos

Tokmoh dan penyokong Laos sama-sama memasuki stadium.

Semasa kelab Famemas sama-sama menyaksikan kemeriahan perlawanan bola sepak separuh akhir antara pasukan Malaysia menentang Laos di Sukan Sea tempoh hari, Famemas dapati suasananya tidak ubah seperti perlawanan akhir Piala Malaysia di negara kita.

Penyokong Malaysia yang menyaksikan perlawanan bolasepak separuh akhir antara Malaysia menentang Laos.

Biarpun cukup bersemangat namun peminat bola sepak di Laos tidak emosi.

Jika di Malaysia, Tokmoh ni mesti kena maki atau kena baling dengan air meneral.

Ketika pasukan mereka kalah 1-3 kepada Malaysia, tiada langsung perkara tidak diingini berlaku. Malah, segelintir penyokong Malaysia masih boleh menyelit duduk dalam ribuan penyokong tuan rumah tanpa masalah.

Penyokong Laos memberi ucapan tahniah kepada penyokong Malaysia.

Inilah semangat yang harus dicontohi peminat bola sepak di Malaysia. Tiada insiden ejek mengejek, apatah lagi pergaduhan berlaku. Tiada kes bakar mercun, baling botol, baling batu atau atau bakar kerusi. Mereka menerima kekalahan itu dengan hati terbuka, malah mengucapkan tahniah kepada pasukan yang menang.

Bapa bermotosikal ke Laos demi sokong anak

Demi kasih sayang, seorang bapa berusia 63 tahun dari Malaysia, Jaya Abdullah sanggup bermotosikal sejauh 2,400 kilometer dari Petaling Jaya ke bandar ini, semata-mata untuk memberikan sokongan kepada anaknya, Adam, yang beraksi dalam acara tenis pada temasya Sukan SEA XXV.
En. Doeairaj bertanya sesuatu kepada en. Jaya

Jaya yang ditemui ketika singgah di sebuah kedai minuman di bandar ini berkata, dalam usia emasnya, kasih sayang terhadap anak bongsunya itu membuatkan beliau sanggup bermotosikal ke sini, yang mengambil masa perjalanan selama lima hari.

“Saya memulakan perjalanan dari Petaling Jaya pada 4 Disember lepas dan tiba di bandar ini pada 9 Disember lalu. Isteri saya, Salwiah Mohd Nor, menunggu ketibaan saya di bandar ini. Dia ke sini dengan penerbangan,” katanya.

Ahli Famemas bergambar kenangan dengan en. Jaya di Vientiane.

Jaya yang menggunakan motosikal berkuasa tinggi berkata, sepanjang perjalanannya, beliau tidak menghadapi sebarang masalah.

Selain bertujuan bertemu anaknya, Adam yang menganggotai skuad tenis Malaysia ke Sukan SEA XXV di sini, Jaya juga mahu menghabiskan usia emasnya bermotosikal ke seluruh Asia.

“Oktober lepas, saya bermotosikal ke Phuket, Thailand. Dan kini tiba ke Laos. Mungkin tahun hadapan, saya akan ke China pula,” katanya.

Rabu, 30 Disember 2009

Photo: Famemas Live in Laos SEA Games

To see more photos of Famemas in Sea Games Vientiane, please browse to http://

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Khop Jai Lai lai Laos, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hadapan Lapangan Terbang Vientiane, Laos

Hadapan Stadium Lao Iteec

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1Malaysia,

Syukur, kesemua kontinjen Famemas telah selamat pulang ke Malaysia setelah berjuang berhabis-habisan untuk memastikan Malaysia mencapai sasaran pingat emas, malahan melebihi jangkaan semua dengan pungutan 40 emas, 40 perak dan 59 gangsa di Sukan SEA ke 25, Vientiane, Laos….Tahniah MALAYSIA dan SYABAS FAMEMAS!

Beberapa sejarah dicipta dan tidak salah untuk mengatakan Famemas turut sama memainkan perananya dalam merencanakan sejarah gemilang sukan Negara.

Pihak EXCO memohon maaf dan mohon halal atas segala kekurangan sepanjang penganjuran dan perjalanan Famemas di Vientiane, Laos… harapnya ia menjadi kenangan manis bersama dan menguatkan semangat kita untuk terus berjasa kepada MALAYSIA. Terima Kasih kepada kesemua peserta kontinjen Famemas yang memungkinkan satu misi yang amat Berjaya bagi semua, SYABAS FAMEMAS!!

Untuk melihat foto dan berkongsi pengalaman Famemas di Laos, harap dapat melayari 

Di kesempatan ini Famemas ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI KRISMAS DAN SELAMAT TAHUN BARU kepada semua, semoga tahun baru membawa kita ke pencapaian yang lebih gemilang lagi dari sebelumnya


Laos Sea Games 02: Selamat Pulang - Kepten Shafari

Kepten Shafari

Dear all,

Selamat Pulang!

yeah.. all of us, 11 Famemasians managed to get their way back to Malaysia... to home sweet home. The other 1...who separated from us on the 3rd day...went MIA (missing in action). I think she would have been back by now.

Lee went back alone.. direct from Vientiane on Saturday. The rest got to go to Udon Thani to catch the plane to Bangkok. From Bangkok Jason, David, Zakariah, Dorai and his daughter took the flight on Saturday's night to KL. Nurdin, Hafidz, Tok Moh, Zuldean and myself spent the night in Bangkok. We arrived at LCCT only at 2am today (Monday).

6 of us got flu... Lee, Kathrine, Janissa, Dorai, Hafidz, Zakariah and myself. Hafidz and I are still having it. Dont worry... it is not H1N1 type...

I believed this is the best show by Famemasians so far. Though small but we created history;
  1. The Excos did everything from the planning stage till this morning.. when everyone is back in KLIA.
  2. We are now being fully recognised by the sports ministry people... from the Minister, deputy ministers to all the other officials.
  3. We shouted our lungs out till Malaysia won the women's team badminton...after 34 years!
  4. We danced, we shouted, we waved our flags and we did everything to ensure that Malaysia won Gold in men's football...after 20 years! And we won in style...about 250 Malaysian supporters against 25000 Vietnamese and Laotians combined. 
  5. Our cheer for the 1st gold in silat brought inspiration for others that made Malaysia to win 3 more golds
  6. No tour guide...we had our own... Cikgu Nordin to guide us. He knew Vientiane better than the van driver
  7. All of us had to share the beds... 2 to a bed. Hopefully there wont be any SODO MEE cases after this.
  8. Tok Moh fainted twice on the field... after women's badminton team final and after the soccer final.
  9. We had to walk...between 5 to 10 km per day...from 1 venue to another within the national sports complex cos our van got no official sticker though all of us were issued with Sea Games official accreditation card each..
  10. We were highly demanded... Boxing, badminton, swimming, petanque, shooting and almost all sports invited us to cheer their players.
  11. Datuk Saberi, Dato Razali, Dato Wee, Dato Zulkifli Embong, Chef de Mission.. they all joined us in the cheer ... by joining us at our place.
  12. We were invited by Dato Razali for dinner together with the press members and UMNO Youth leaders... and he personally cheered... "Famemas Boleh" at the end of the function.
  13. We were told to prepare for the Asian Games in 2010.
  14. Mr Lee became an illegal human trafficker... by bringing in many Laotians disguised in Famemas T shirts to get into the stadium to cheer for Malaysia during the football final and also for the closing ceremony.
  15. Famemas held an inpromptu concert after the soccer final. We rapped, we danced, we sang...we played bangra songs.. Dorai nyanyi lagu the delights of the many Laotians.
  16. Many, many more.... like rubbing shoulders with the Minister, his deputies and other officials. And I managed to put my leg out and tripped a thief.. he fell and was then caught by a policeman. this happened at the entrance of the morning market. He tried to steal a compact speaker... later I regretted... kesian dia. He is sure to get a very harsh punishment.. knowing it is a communist country.

Our target was for 30 to 35 golds. So we achieved more than that...40. All Malaysians must be happy then.

About Vientiane...a very peaceful place, slow moving, with nice people. many food but for Muslims... susah sikit... only a few outlets that serve halal food. So Razlin... we kena strike out this city as our honeymoon destination... and tak ada laut for u to dive too... heheh

Quite dusty cos the constructions of roads are still going on. And many beautiful girls... and most look younger than their age. The highest building is Don Chan Palace Hotel...10 storey hotel that belongs to a Malaysian. Vehicles' speed is just like in Vietnam... slow... we didnt see any accident or dented vehicles. Unlike Ho Chi Minh... fewer motorbikes on roads. Many, many 4 WD station wagons.

and Hidup Famemas!

My BIG Thank you to the Excos for making this trip a VERY successful one. My apologies to who ever I've argued or quarreled with. Halalkan apa-apa yang saya telah terminum atau termakan. And... I was not even being naughty throughout the 9 day stay. Dont worry Razlin...I am beginning to change for the better...heheh

But whatever it is... it is just nice to be back home and still happy to face with the many work loads that needed to attend to.

Malaysia Boleh!!


Jumaat, 11 Disember 2009

Laos Sea Games - Kepten Shafari

Dear all,
From tomorrow till 19 Dec, 12 of us shall be on Laos supporting Malaysian athletes. Most of us just do it for the sake of doing it, may be for the country, may be to release tension, may be for the fun of being in a group, may be hoping that other Malaysians would notice us and could be too....laying the path for the future cheer groups. To me, I just want to do it.. part of you all and cheer for Malaysians... it is just giving back something to the society. At 50 something, having grey hair and big belly...with faces painted and dancing and is sure that my children might feel embarrass to see their father behaving in a very funny way. But then I hope they do understand my intention. So my dearest Haikal, Amira and Fahteen...please understand... as you are aware... I am a fighter in my own way. I do believe in true justice, I believe in fighting for it, I believe in the future Malaysians can feel proud of having parents whose believe in being true Malaysians and keeping up with Ole ole ole ole ole Malaysia Boleh!
So Dorai's daughter is coming along. Bravo Dorai!! My children, they have their own itinerary.. my son just into work, Amira just finished her studies and looking for a job in Germany and Fahteen... holidaying with her kakis in Langkawi. If only either 1 of them could follow me... then the tradition is being passed.
Oh yeah... I might be a loyal Malaysian but for the future of my kids... I encouraged them to work overseas... built up their value there, gain alot of new technologies and then come back and serve in Malaysia.
THANK YOU to our very dedicated, berinitiatif tinggi, true photographer.. En Zuldean. Syabas Tuan. Dengan memainkan kembali video-video Famemas di Vietnam... ia telah memainkan sentimen semangat berpasukan. Kalaulah trip ke Laos ini dapat mengumpulkan 40-80 penyokong yang penuh berdedikasi... oh... alangnya baik sekali. However with 12 of us... we still can do it!! Famemas BOLEH!!
And a big THANK YOU too, to the Excos who have gone the length to prepare this trip and making it a great success. I believe it is going to be a great trip. Remember Famemasians, this time around the Excos did everything by themselves.... no advertising agents, no management agencies and with almost NO sponsors... yang ada tu cuma kecil-kecilan tapi penting juga. Syabas Excos. 
So Famemasians, please pray for our safe journey with no untoward incidents or bad behaviour on our part. No matter where ever you are and whatever you are doing, you are all part of us.... members of Famemas. We shall carry the flag and the name of Famemas at all times in Laos. Famemas Boleh.
Yeah.. I am going to miss someone very dear.... si Dia. U take care ok. I'll try not to be over naughty while I am there.
Till we meet after 20th Dec... enjoy yourselves and watch us on TVs and the papers.

Khamis, 10 Disember 2009

Yonex Sunrise Penaja Baju Famemas ke Sukan Sea Laos

Terima kasih Yonex Sunrise kerana menaja baju t untuk ahli Famemas yang akan menyokong atlit Malaysia yang bertanding di Sukan Sea Laos.

Kelab Famemas gegar Laos dengan sorakan padu

PETALING JAYA : Kelab Famemas Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (Famemas) bakal menggegarkan bumi Laos bermula 12 hingga 19 Disember ini dengan sorakan padu bagi memberi sokongan kepada seluruh kontinjen negara yang membawa cabaran di Sukan Sea ke-25.

Walaupun rombongan kali ini hanya disertai 12 anggota berbanding 50 penyokong pada siri temasya sebelumnya, kerjasama dengan sekretariat Malaysia sepanjang kejohanan berprestij itu dijangka mampu menggamit penyertaan di kalangan pegawai sukan dan atlit negara.

Pengerusinya, Lee Hui Seng, berkata sejak diasaskan pada 2002, kumpulan berkenaan tidak ketinggalan menyemarakkan semangat atlit di Sukan Sea Vietnam, Manila dan Korat, selain ke Sukan Olimpik Athens 2004, Sukan Asia Busan dan Doha hingga mendapat pengiktirafan sebagai satu-satunya kelab penyokong sukan Malaysia sejati oleh Majlis Olimpik Malaysia (MOM).

“Usaha turun ke gelanggang dengan matlamat menyemarakkan semangat juang atlit antara misi kami biarpun sebahagian besar perbelanjaan adalah tanggungan sendiri kerana kami percaya, sedikit sebanyak sorakan ‘Malaysia Boleh’ menyuntik semangat atlit kita.

“Jika dibandingkan kunjungan ke temasya sukan besar sebelum ini, jumlah 12 anggota Famemas di Laos mungkin nampak kecil namun saya yakin ‘suara’ kami mampu menggamatkan semua lokasi kejohanan dengan sokongan padu semua pihak khususnya kontijen negara,” katanya pada sidang media di sini.

Menyingkap sejarah Famemas yang juga singkatan kepada Fame Malaysia atau kemasyhuran Malaysia, ia direalisasikan tujuh tahun lalu dengan mengumpul 100 peminat sekitar Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor untuk bersorak pada Sukan Asia Busan, Korea Selatan menerusi tajaan Samsung sebelum didaftarkan secara Rasmi

Berita Harian - Rabu 9 Disember 2009 - SENTRAL m/s 2

Rabu, 9 Disember 2009

Moral support for athletes

All set: Famemas supporters for Laos SEA Games.

ELECTRICIAN Zakariah Md Nor will be soaking up the electrifying atmosphere watching the Malaysian athletes in action at the 25th edition of SEA Games at Vientiane in Laos from Dec 12-19.

The 50-year-old from Rawang is part of the Kelab Famemas Kuala Lumpur and Selangor supporters’ group to provide moral and vocal support to the national hopefuls featuring at the biennial games.

Although Zakariah considered travelling to Laos on his own initially, he agreed that it will be a more significant outing along with 11 other hard-core sports followers in the group.

“When I found out that they are making the trip there, I signed up immediately. I have also paid the cost of RM2,800 in full to show my commitment in joining them. It is going to be an exciting period to mingle and bond with others sharing the common interest.

“I am not afraid of venturing into the unknown territory to learn about the Laotian culture. I am also looking forward to experiencing their warm hospitality,” said Zakariah, adding that cycling is his favourite event.

Even without the strong financial funding, they are determined to make their presence felt in their fourth appearance at the regional games.

They made their debut in Vietnam (2003) followed by another two outings in the Philippines (2005) and Thailand (2007).

Club chairman Lee Hui Seng praised the committee members for their contributions.

“Previously, we had up to 50 fans in the group for SEA Games. But we are not allowing the setback to prevent us from continuing our pursuit to throw our support behind the Malaysian athletes vying to win honours for the country.

“It is a partly sponsored trip and we will be paying at least half of the expenses for the eight-day trip,” Lee said.

Recently, they acknowledged the six partners including the venue sponsor IJM for backing their initiative.

Among the sponsors are Privasia Technology Berhad, UMW Pennzoil Distributors, Westports Malaysia, National Sports Council and UDA Holdings Bhd.

Selasa, 8 Disember 2009

Foto: Majlis penyerahan Jalur Gemilang dan sidang media

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera

Terima Kasih kepada semua yang hadir pada majlis penyerahan jalur gemilang dan sidang media yang diadakan pada 5 Disember 2009 yang lepas di Cobra Club, PJ.

Kami mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi terima kasih dan penghargaan kepada yang hadir dan yang menyumbang tenaga, masa dan bakti kepada majlis tersebut dan memohon maaf sekiranya ada kekurangan, TERIMA KASIH

Kontinjen Famemas berjumlah 12 orang akan berlepas ke Vientiane pada awal pagi Sabtu 12 Disember 2009 dan akan kembali pada 19 Disember 2009.

Kontinjen Famemas memohon kepada semua agar mendoakan kejayaan gemilang MALAYSIA di Sukan SEA ke 25 di Vientiane, Laos dan mendoakan kontinjen selamat pergi dan balik demi memartabatkan kecemerlangan sukan MALAYSIA.

Jangan lupa untuk menyaksikan perkembangan SUKAN SEA LAOS dan semoga mendapat lihat aksi FAMEMAS di sana

Sekian Terima Kasih



Famemas sedia bakar semangat atlit negara

Salah satu rombongan terpenting bagi memastikan kejayaan negara bagi menuai emas di Sukan Sea Laos akan berangkat ke Vientiane 12 Disember ini, membabitkan pasukan sorak Famemas yang dianggotai 12 penyokong fanatik negara. 

Pasukan sorak, yang dianggap mampu 'membunuh' atau membakar semangat pemain, akan berda di gelanggang kejohanan dan mereka menerima Jalur Gemilang daripada Penolong  Setiausaha Kehormat Majlis Olimpik Malaysia, Ramlay Ibrahim di Petaling Jaya semalam.

Kathryn wants to be heard

Cheering Them On: Supporter travelling to Laos.

KUALA LUMPUR: For Tan Wan Nee, aka Kathryn to friends and relatives, "one" is not a lonely number. She is the only female going to the Laos Sea Games in the 12-member team of the Malaysian Supporters Club (Famemas) — a non-government organisation.

Yet she hopes to be the catalyst in the company of male colleagues, hoping to make her pres- Collectively, Famemas hope Malaysian athletes would win medals and make Malaysia She has travelled extensively and her destinations included Bangkok, Bandung, Christchurch, Melbourne and Paris.

However, this will be the first time she's going to Vientianne and her mission is of a different kind.

"I have been to many parts of the world either on vacations or on business trips but Laos is something special, to support the Malaysian teams. Our tasks will be challenging.

"I am not worried about being the only woman as we are one big happy family. I can assure you my lack of vocal power will not be an obstacle."

Simultaneously, she gestured that actions speak louder than words. That is the magic of being the 'rose among the thorns'.

A member of Famemas since 2005, Kathryn has never participated in any of the Games carnival that her colleagues have attended.

She said that it is was high time she started 'making noise' rather than being inactive all this while.

Malay Mail