Isnin, 11 Mei 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Hentam Kau!... Kau!

Dear all,
its been more than a month since the last time I wrote. Well, I believe that my celoteh is more like cleaning your ears with cotton buds.... at times you feel ..ah.. it is good, sometimes..aiyah...tak syiok lor and kadang-kadang it is sakit.
To be frank, last few months... it was like hell to me. I was and I am still trying hard to "lupakan orang itu"; that was my 2009 resolution but after 130 days...I failed but somehow I must try harder. To all of you...please do not fall in love with someone new when you are in 40s...banyak susah lor..... it is "cinta orang tua' ...hehehe Now I think I'll die being "revirgin" hehehe
Ok.. lets go to Famemas. When I came to know that our En Hafidz went to Stamford Bridge to play with Chelsea players on Famemas ticket, I dont really bother cos I think the hard working secretary deserved to represent Famemas. Then I saw the photos of  mostly Excos having dinner during the Sportsman of the Year awards....then I think something is not right. To me, Famemas belongs to all members and not only the Excos. I remembered that during the Malam Olympian, the Excos did invite other members to take part...then it was a noble thought... as our Chairman Lee explained that members should be given the exposures and the chance to rub shoulders with whose who in our sporting circles. Well... it than made a 360 degrees change... From a noble intention to "ahh.. we work hard and we deserved it"...was that the intention?? And about makan at Atap-Atap...our aneh did invite me and thank you aneh... but then I thought it was more of a personal invitation..."perasmian restoran". Never mind about that...
So Excos...we have seen alot... like Brian who like so much of publicity... taking many photos with atheletes and others ... again and again the same "muka" at most functions which were meant for Famemas but then only the Excos were normally seen. So..I sincerely propose that whatever function in the name of Famemas... please send emails/sms it to all members... give a dateline  to RSVP and then only the Excos can wash their hands....Please remember that without members...Famemas cannot be a club.. private club.. Boleh lah..."Clubbing club" huh..
H1N1 and meningnitis are the threats that we are facing now. Please take appropriate care... Just 3 weeks colleague passed away due to kidney failure. He was 48 with 8 kids... youngest in Std 1. Al fatihah. It was so sudden. Well... life is too short.
Champions League.. MU in the finals with Barca!!! Wow!! Going to be the best final. I am all for MU. aiyah... sorry Liverfooldians.... you can have the back seats and please dont wear the red shirt.... and again and again like the many seasons before this... "Liverfooldians will walk alone with the heads down"...hehehe... jangan marah ok. I've tried many times to like Liverfool but just "tak boleh". My 2nd greatest enemy is Chelsea...they dont have the flair and skills... they are more like Germany...defensive and robust. Well MU is like restoran mamak... semua ada... from tosai to waffles... and are very friendly too... I remembered very well when MU lost to both the fools... Liver and Ham... and all thoughts were is the end of MU but then... it came back and now.. we are in the driver's seat.... OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE.... MU BOLEH! So Razlin... you better be an MU fan... Arsenal pun angan-angan saja yang lebih.....
Hei... so long no news from Lilian, Hoon, Vanitha, JLo, Zulhabri, Jaya, Keh... etc  etc... mana anda semua...
Time flies too was 40 years ago when I experienced the 13th May. I was in Std 6.. though nothing much to talk about but the few was very tensed. Police and the army were frequently seen patrolling the roads and the housing estates... from far we could hear shots from small arms and then the police with the siren blasting hurrying to get there. It was an unforgettable experience. So guys... please treasure the peaceful life that we are having now... let us live in harmony...respecting one another... and to love someone...hehehe
So... I have to say goodbye. Tonite... Manchester derby... and Arsenal vs Chelsea. Enjoy your life.
Capt... lonely in KL.

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