Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Hentam Kau!..Kau!

Captain Shafari Bakar

To Razlin, Lilian and all,

Well said by both Razlin and Lilian. 100 % agreed. Thank you.

To be frank, all these while, I was having the thought that most of us couldn’t bother much about Famemas. I was wrong because there are still some out there who are still very much attached. Thank you for the response and Famemas do need the members support.

At times it was just like a 1 way traffic…. it was like Capt saja yang mahu cakap and Capt is kapochi and… I think it was more for Famemas that I pretended that my muka is “tebal” and kept on poking some issues… here and there… now and then…

My apologies to the Excos but please spare some thoughts on what I wrote. It was never my intention to be at all ‘makan-makan’ functions but I just like to be with Famemas members. Famemas is different from my other ‘kakis’. Whenever I am with you all, especially cheering … it was like releasing your tension that had been built up in you for some time… I can never shout at the fishing pond or at mamak shop or…but in the stadiums…. I couldn’t care. And my loneliness evaporates whenever I am with Famemas members shouting together…

So guys… we must try to keep Famemas active and alive at all times.

My other hidden intention….it is clearly being noticed by all…..hehehehe

Terima kasih Famemas.

Capt….still pondering.. should I continue or should I stop.

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