Selasa, 30 Ogos 2011

Salam Aidilfitri

Kepada semua ahli, sahabat dan semua kenalan Famemas,

FAMEMAS mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI dan memohon kemaafan andainya ada kesilapan antara kita, semoga kita terus bersama dalam barisan yang kukuh dalam memperjuangkan agenda bersama mengukuhkan martabat sukan Negara.



Sabtu, 13 Ogos 2011

Photo: MSN Buka Puasa

Buka Puasa event a novel way to encourage one to learn each other's religious traditions&can contribute to racial toleration among Malaysians

Celoteh Captain Shafari - Sorry guys, just cant open my yahoo. So please...

Captain Shafari

Sorry guys, just cant open my yahoo. So please allow me to write my celoteh through FB. On the ongoing WBC at Wembley, I agreed with Indian Coach, Gopinath that the Europeans would bolted out from any Asian countries if there were some form of security breach but when the riots are out of control in London now, do the Asians do the same? So am I not right in saying, Asians are brave and Europeans are cowards? heheh. I think LCW has the best opportunity to win the men's crown. This is gonna be his year.

On soccer, when Manchester City was leading 2-0 at half time during last week's Charity Shield, I thought MU was going to let in a few more goals when I did not see Vidic and Rio in 2nd half. My -ve mind was telling me..nah, Ferguson is selling the game. Damn it!. But after goals from Smalling and Nani, I knew that MU were to win. MU is just way above City or in that matter, above all the other 19 teams in EPL. MU is just great! MU has the best pool of great, imaginative and hard working players and Sir Alex is the BEST Manager. MU is definitely to win her 20th league title this season. Sorry to all the Chelsea, City and Arsenal fans. And so to the Liverfooldians... keep on dreaming ... Ole..ole..ole.. MU BOLEH!

On the match Malaysia vs Singapore, I felt sorry for the fans who booed during the anthem, Majulah Singapura, who threw bottles on the pitch, who laser aimed at the Singapore players and who threw the fire crackers. They are idiots of the highest order. "May they realise the mistakes they made and hopefully they wont repeat them. Amin"

And if not for those stupid actions, it was the best ever soccer match that I've been to. It was great. The atmosphere was superb. From the build up, about 4 pm till after the match....simply awesome. One could noticed that we Malaysians from all walks of life are really united as 1 Malaysia. There were a few Malaysian Chinese youths in Harimau jerseys who were intimidating the few Singaporeans Chinese; telling them to go back lah...your team will be slaughtered lah...etc.. before the match. The huggings and hand shakes between races were very obvious. To me on that day...there was only a single race... MALAYSIAN! So, sports do not segregate race. Period.