Ahad, 31 Julai 2011

Photo: AFC World Cup Qualifying

We chide Indon fans who boo when Negaraku anthem is played. But at Malaysia - Singapore soccer game yesterday, our fans boo when Majulah Singapura anthem is played. Be a good host!.....

Its downright serious if allegations of fake & black market tickets sale at Malaysia - Singapore game is true.Fans safety is compromised,as many can't find a seat.Very packed!

In 1970s, names of soccer stars roll off our tongues easily eg Santokh, Soh, Mokhtar... Then, mat​ch fixing in 1990s killed off the beautiful game .Now,Malaysian soccer fans are coming back in droves and wearing the blue and yellow jersey proudly.... keep it up!...

After Malaysia - Singapore game at Bukit Jalil National Stadium tonite, a huge crowd surged forward to exit,but only a few gates were open. What if there's fire?A Safety hazard?.....

Even though Malaysia lost to Singapore, a full capacity 90,000 crowd in Bukit Jalil showed the Malaysia Boleh spirit. Tigers,let's fight another day! You tried ur best!....

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Rabu, 27 Julai 2011

Celoteh Captain Shafari - Make Singapore Takut 02

Salam my friends,

it is just 2 days away for our team, Harimau, either to make it to the next round or to lose to the Lions. To me, I want my country to win! We Malaysians, from all walks of life, no matter how old and no matter what race and religion, definitely want Malaysia to win too. We are Malaysians. 1 Malaysia. The only betrayers are the bookies and gamblers.

So guys, please come to the stadium and let us sama sama cheer together, to play a part so as to motivate our players to win. I can still feel that chilling, thrilling, glorious moments when Malaysia won the soccer gold in Laos Sea Games, before that the match against Thailand in the final of women's basketball in Korat Sea Games. Then in Vietnam Sea Games we all shouted as 1 Malaysia till we all lost our voices when Malaysia lost to Indonesia in Men's badminton. "Its OK, its alright, Come on Malaysia Fight Fight Fight!" The shouts of this 'slogan" had somehow gone into the players head and Roslin Hashim was diving all over the court trying to retrive every shot. No matter Malaysia lost, we took it cos Malaysia went down fighting all the way. We accepted cos we lost to a better team and as supporters, we had given them everything that we had. We are proud of the players and we are satisfied to ourselves. As for a record, we were there and we had played our part in cheering for the team. Though we lost, but we were very proud of ourselves.

So Famesians, being Veterans or newly joined, each and everyone of us could recollect those moments that we felt that we had done something to our nation's games and sports. So please let us all do it one more time when Malaysia meet Singapore in the return match on 28 Jul, tomorrow. Please.... many years after this match, a lot of us could proudly say that we were there in the stadium and had cheered till Malaysia won and qualified to the World Cup finals in Brazil. WOW! Wulawei!

So datang ramai ramai ok.

Capt..Si Dia, datanglah... please (I m on my knees now)

Selasa, 26 Julai 2011

Photo: ISTAF Sepaktakraw World Cup KL 2011

Easy loss of our men Sepak Takraw team to formidable Thailand in World Champs Final on homeground show need to expose more young talent as Tekongs....

Isnin, 25 Julai 2011

Celoteh Captain Shafari - Make Singapore Takut

Salam to all,

Thank you to all who had wished me on my 35 th birthday. May the Almighty take good care of you all.

Oh!! 35 years old?

Well, just before the match between S'pore and our Harimau last nite, my daughter had prayed for Malaysia to win- as a gift to her Dad. I had asked for the score to be Malaysia 5, Singapore 4 - the actual figures of 54-my actual age. So since the score was 3-5, so I guessed that God had fullfilled my wish .. to be as young as 35... hanya 2 tahun lebih tua dari Si Dia. heheheh...

Anyway guys...we must gather as many as possible on this 28 Jul...let us packed the stadium to the brinks...let us all cheer like we Vietnam, Korat, Laos, Malaysian badminton Opens ... and let us make the Singaporeans shit in their pants...... Let us teach our government and show off to the world that no matter how the *&^%*$#@ and stupid politicians tried to divide us, we Malaysians stood firm that we are 1 Malaysia. Mari, mari kita cheer sama-sama for Malaysia. Malaysia BOLEH!

So... a request, deep from my heart is that all Famesians are to gather as 1 Malaysia on 28 Jul at 7 pm infront of the green gate and let us get into the stadium by hundreds of us in our yellow T shirts and let us drown whatever little voice the Singaporean supporters have, and together let us make the "1 world Singapore players" (a lot of importers, right?) play like novices...or like pondans of Bugis street... A deficit of 2 goals is not a big deal. Malaysia BOLEH!

But then we, as a mere caring citizens are shouting our lungs out.... what are the people who called themselves as the government of Malaysia are doing? Our property in S'pore from Woodlands to Tg Pagar (KTMB's land) is already taken over by S'pore. Before this, our island of Pulau Batu Putih was surrendered to S'pore. And do you all know that many of our commercial buildings are bought over by S'porean companies like Capitaland and such. So guys.. actually we are now being besieged by Singapore. Yeah..they do not attack us physically by tanks or jet planes and soldiers...but economic wise. And there are many more businesses being bought over by the Singaporeans. So what are our so called protracters of our nation are doing? Nah, our middle fingers to them.

As you are well aware for the past 6-8 months, that on every 2 weeks or so, there will be an issue that our papers will harp on. Recently about a decree that smoking is haram. Before this about Bersih 2.0. Before that about Anwar's video. Well... tak habis-habis trying to distract our mind, trying to tipu the rakyaat from discussing and seeing more truth about the weaknesses of the government-the about to resurface case of the scorpene submarines deal, about TBH, about the death of the custom officer, about the failures in the NSEW (all) Corridors, about more Malaysians are swaying towards the opposition, about the success of Penang, Selangor and Kedah in bringing in more investors and hence the vast improvements in the economies of those states.... and many many more. In other words, the issues raised are to hoodwink us and to cover the government's weaknesses. And the government too are taking the advantage on the success of Dato' Rajagobal's players by making a big story of it. Yeah...we are happy that after more than 30 years, our footballers are now showing some glimmers of hope....just like Super Mokh and gang had done. But I do hope this is not a flash in the pan type.... let it be a continous revival and in due time, we are rubbing shoulders with Japan, Korea and Australia.

On billboards (hahaha..I just love watching advertisements) I noticed that Celcom's customers is shrinking. Proton's Inspira advert is dangerous. Agensi Dadah Kebangsaan (AADK) is very grand but being blocked and U mobiles is very insulting.

This is Celcom territory. Well... about a decade ago, this same adverts sprung up in all corners of Peninsula Malaysia. But could only see a few. So in ordinary man's perception is-Celcom is shrinking and the CEO and his gang are to be fired. On Inspira, one could see the adverts on both sides of KL-KLIA highway (Elite) near to the R & R of both sides; depicting 2 children having a peaceful sleep at the rear seats. I bet any driver were to look at it, he/she will feel sleepy. It is just like seeing one yawning and automatically you will yawn too, right. So it is dangerous. And to revert back of importing about 70% of Inspira parts, the CEO and his gang are to be fired too. The AADK adverts are found on both sides of KESAS highway, just near to the toll booths at Kota Kemuning. Both billboards are blocked and one could hardly notice them. If you were to look clearly, the bottom part is made from concrete and beautifully done but what's the purpose when only a few could see it. So what is the motive of AADK- the advert is like a behaviour of drug addicts too-menyorok menyorok. hehehe Another AADK billboard is on NS Plus hiway after Seremban; it is also blocked by oil palms.

And on U mobiles, a picture of an old lady with the caption "U nak?" It is near the Damansara toll booth, but one could only see while coming from NVKE before the booth. To me it is insulting. Pity the old lady. on Famemas. I believe the club is getting stronger and better on each and every passing events..... it is more organised, the EXCOs are dedicated, being quite open, with lots of tolerence, hardworking and CONGRATULATIONS! You made us very proud of you. Keep up with the good and sincere work. Unfortunately... there are members who were used to be together, quite influential to the club and somehow had done and made the club as it is today... please comeback. No names are to be mentioned, but deep down inside them, they know whom I meant. Please come and join us on this 28 July 2011. Let us make this gathering a real happenning for Famemas.What you have to do, is just to reply to this Celoteh and I hope the EXCOs are to pick it from here. Just put it, "I'll come" and I bet you'll committ to your words by paying RM30 for the ticket and for those who has not get the yellow Famemas T shirt, just pay another RM25. Be at the Green gate at 7 pm on 28 Jul 2011. Please come and not only to support Malaysia vs Singapore but to our beloved club-FAMEMAS!

And my condolences to the families of those who were killed in the twin attacks in Norway-the bomb blasts in Oslo and the shootings on the island camp retreat. And also to the family of the late MP Dr Lolo. Al fatihah.

See you guys at 7 pm on 28th July 2011 at the Green gates of Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil.

Thank you.

Capt - masih teringatkan Si Dia.

Jumaat, 22 Julai 2011

Photo: Chelsea Football Club Tour

Thank you to all who turned up yesterday, those who r supposed to come but didn't, u wasted precious seats when others could hv come instead... so dont come at all next time.... we know who u are... and also to those who came, took tickets and cabut and buat hal sendiri....that's your last appearance.... anyways thanks to all who made it happen... big thanks to ASTRO

Malaysia came alive in 2nd Half.Chelsea had to work hard for their money.. 0-1 loss was not a shame.. hold your heads high, Young Tigers, ahead of crucial game against rival Singapore next...

Harimau Muda, nation is proud of you! You made Chelsea stars look like novices. Not only you denied Chelsea from scoring, you also almost scored equaliser. And that Chelsea solitary goal was not a goal, after watching the replay many times!

Rabu, 20 Julai 2011

100 ahli Famemas sertai Program Sorak Sihat 1Malaysia

AKTIVITI SIHAT. Kira-kira 100 ahli Kelab Penyokong Malaysia (Famemas), Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor menyertai Program Sorak Sihat 1Malaysia dan Larian 3 Kilometer di Kompleks Majlis Sukan Negara, Bukit Jalil pada Sabtu lalu.

Ahli-ahli Kelab Famemas membuat demontrasi sorakan dalam Program Sorak Sihat Satu Malaysia dan Larian 3 Kilometer anjuran Kelab Famemas Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor di Kompleks Sukan Negara, Bukit Jalil baru-baru ini.

Pengerusi Famemas, Lee Hui Seng berkata, program julung-julung kali diadakan itu bertujuan untuk mendidik orang ramai supaya menjalani kehidupan aktif menerusi kegiatan riadah hujung minggu selain memupuk semangat muhibah di kalangan masyarakat berbilang kaum dan agama.

"Selain larian, peserta turut berpeluang mempelajari teknik senaman yang betul menerusi fasilitator yang dilantik," katanya.

Pelbagai acara sampingan turut diadakan sempena program tersebut yang mendapat sokongan daripada Lembaga Promosi Kesihatan Malaysia.


Selasa, 19 Julai 2011

Photo: Larian Sorak Sihat 1 Malaysia

Many thanks to ALL members who made this Famemas Sorak Sihat 1 Malaysia event a memorable one indeed. We definitely shall try to make it an annual joint affair with LPKM and hopefully improve on the weaknesses and come out stronger with a more enjoyable event.

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