Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

Celoteh Lilian - Hentam Kau!


Hi all Famemasians,

Since Jaya took time off all the way from far-away land to drop us a note, let me do so too. But short one. Won't be too long....

With regards to capten's comments about Exco attending the Sportsman of theyear award, well, I think that they should be there as they were the select few that we voted to represent us Famemasiams.... More importantly, it was most likely that the Exco invited the members to attend too, but as usual, most of them can't make it, didn't bother to reply, etc, etc. I'm sure we
all know what sort of excuses we give not to attend Famemas activities.

When it comes to fundamental things like going to stadium to cheer - semua sibuk, but comes to dinner with the stars - semua nak ikut. That's not right too...

Anyway, my 2 cents worth. I'm still glad that we have a great bunch of Exco to keep the club going.

And, members, we need to buck up (actually, speaking for myself le :p ..I've been so MIA for a while already) Also am very appreciative for the rest of the members who are consistent and always supportive of the club's activities. Without you, there's no famemas!!

Ok, change of subject. No marathons for me these few years. I have been so un-fit for the last year that I will collapse within 1 km, I'm sure. Ha ha.

Please ajak my husband to represent me ;p

Ok, back to work.

Have a good day ahead boys & girls.


Li Lian

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