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Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Should any member of FAMEMAS is interested or wishes to purchase tickets for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, for FAMEMAS sponsors, themselves or their family members of their friends, please see attached the following documents of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and fill up the ticket reservation forms and submit the application to OCM, no later than 14th January 2015.
Logo Rio 2016 Olympic Game
  • The document includes two pages: 
  1. 1st page: ticket order form that needs to be completed with the ticket order 
  2. i2nd page: the detailed competition schedule with all details about each session and the corresponding Olympic venue 
  • The ticket order form needs be returned with the ticket order no later than January 14th 2015 to OCM 
  • The ticket order is binding and cannot be changed afterwards. The OCM Ticket Agent, VIP Sportstravel will issue a booking confirmation once they received the completed order form. The respective contact person needs to sign this booking confirmation. 
  • The prices indicated in the order form are the Rio Olympic Games Organising CVommittee (ROCOG) sales prices in BRL. For the federations & sponsors of the OCM a ticket handling fee of 20% within the limit of 120 BRL per ticket will be added to this price. The final invoicing will be in US Dollar with the fix exchange rate of 1 USD = 2,35 BRL. 
  • If ROCOG cannot provide the tickets in the requested category, a lower category for the same session can be allocated to you. 
  • VIP Sportstravel strongly recommend to achieve an appropriate balance between high and regular demand sessions in order to maximise the chances of obtaining a higher percentage of the requested tickets. 

 Should you need further clarifications, please contact OCM. 


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Selasa, 23 Disember 2014

Setinggi-Tinggi Tahniah!....

Bagi pihak Kelab Penyokong Sukan Malaysia Famemas (Famemas), kami ingin mengambil kesempatan ini mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi tahniah kepada Tuan Ahmad Sapawi Ismail diatas kepercayaan yang diletakkan oleh Kementerian Belia dan Sukan Malaysia atas lantikan Tuan sebagai Ketua Pengarah Majlis Sukan Negara Malaysia.
Y.Bhg. Tuan Ahmad Sapawi Ismail.
Kami percaya dengan mandat yang diberikan mencerminkan keupayaan dan kredibiliti tinggi yang dimiliki Tuan untuk membawa sukan Malaysia ke aras yang lebih gemilang dan cemerlang. Kami juga amat berbangga dengan pengiktirafan ini dan akan terus mendoakan kejayaan Tuan di masa akan datang.

Kami akan terus menyokong kepimpinan Tuan dalam usaha untuk terus memartabatkan dan mengemilangkan sukan Malaysia. Kami ucapkan selamat maju jaya dalam kapasiti baru Tuan.

Kami harap sokongan berterusan Tuan dan MSN dalam usaha bersama untuk terus memartabatkan sukan negara, khususnya bagi cabaran di masa akan datang.

Sekali lagi, Tahniah dan Selamat Maju Jaya

Sekian, Terima Kasih


Yang Benar,
Bagi pihak Kelab Penyokong Sukan Malaysia Famemas.


Selasa, 16 Disember 2014

OCM Annual Dinner and Awards Night 2014

The 22nd OCM Annual Dinner and Awards Night was successfully organized on Saturday, 13th December 2014 at 8.00 pm at the Tan Sri Hamzah Arena, Wisma OCM, Kuala Lumpur. The Guest of Honour was YB Encik Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia. There were around 550 guests, comprising representatives of National Sports Associations, government sports organizations, inductees of OCM Hall of Fame, sponsors and supporters.
Famemas with Tunku Tan Sri Imran.
 In his opening address, YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran ibni Almarhum Tuanku Ja’afar, President of OCM stated as follows “The over dependency of most of the NSAs on government funding has reduced their motivation to generate their own income for their own development. Government is the biggest financial contributor to Sport in this country. However, in addition to being the major fund provider of NSAs, MSN has also assumed the role of being the deliverer of elite sport in Malaysia, carrying out the roles and activities that were carried in the past by the NSAs”.
Famemas with YB. Khairy Jamaluddin.
 YAM Tunku then called on the Hon. Minister of Youth and Sports, for MSN to consider handing the baton back to the NSAs, and assume its rightful role of being the facilitator of elite sports and supporter of the NSAs. He felt that such a move would certainly motivate the NSAs to work harder and have a more meaningful contribution to the development of their respective sport.
Table for Famemas.
 YAM Tunku added “I have said many times in the past. The buck stops with the NSA’s. They are responsible for all successes and failures in their sport.” He then appealed to the Ministry of Youth and Sport to divert some of the Government’s funds to build up the capacity of the NSA’s is of the utmost urgency in order to prevent a serious deterioration in sports in the country.
Famemas Exco.
Hon. Encik Khairy Jamaluddin, the Minister of Youth and Sports, in his speech said that it is his vision to make Malaysia a strong sporting nation. He added that no strong sporting nation practiced a centralized system of sports development, except in communist countries and as such, he was prepared to reduce the role of MSN and pass back the powers to the National Sports Associations and the State Sports Associations. He called on all stake-holders of sport to work together and with him, to bring sports development in Malaysia to a higher level. The Minister stated “It is important to look forward and see what can we do over the next 4 years...let us work together!”.
Tan Sri Hamzah Arena.
The following awards were presented at the 22nd OCM Annual Dinner: 
  • The IOC Women and Sport Achievement 2014 Diploma: Y.Bhg. Datuk Marina Chin. 
  • OCM Women & Sport Award 2014 - Kalaivalli a/p R. Ratnam, 
  • OCM Women & Sport Grassroots Development Award ‘14 Lim Yit Bin, 
  • OCM Women & Para Sports Special Award 2014 Norsham binti Yoon 
  • Partnership Award 2014 Mr. Raymond Silvester Arnold & Mdm. Sheryl Wong Pui Lan (Parents to Delia & Rachael Arnold). 
  • 2014 IOC Trophy Sport and Art - Melinda Looi and Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia.
Menu today.
The following retired national athletes, ere inducted to the OCM Hall of Fame: 

The late Encik Chua Eng Cheng - Hockey & Cricket. the late Encik A. Shanmuganathan (A.S. Nathan) - Athletics, Encik C. Paramalingam - Hockey, Encik Gurucharan Singh - Cricket, Encik Banerji Nair - Cricket, Puan Rajemah Sheikh Ahmad - Athletics, Puan V. Angamah - Athletics The following retired officials were inducted to the OCM Hall of Fame:
Ready for dinner.
The late Datuk Dr. Aziz Durairatnam - Hockey & OCM, Y.A.Bhg Tun Ahmad Sarji - Lawn Bowls Y. Bhg. Dato’ M. Karatu - Football, Y.Bhg. Dato’ Kamarul Ariffin - National Sports Council. Hockey & Rugby, Y.Bhg. Dato’ Clement Soo - Karate
Dinner time.
For 2014, OCM introduced a new category for sports journalists and presenters to the OCM Hall of Fame. The following outstanding stalwarts were inducted: 

The late Encik Norman Siebel, former Sports Editor of the Straits Times and the New Straits Times, The late Encik Mansor Rahman, former Sports Editor of the New Straits Times, The late Encik Zainuddin Bendahara, former Sports Editor of Berita Harian and President of Sports Writers Association of Malaysia, The late Encik Francis Emmanuel, sports journalist of Malay Mail, Encik. Ian Pereira, Senior Sports journalist of Malay Mail., Y.Bhg. Datuk Rahim Razali, Radio and TV Sports commentator, Encik Amran Hamid, Radio and TV sports commentator of RTM.

Isnin, 15 Disember 2014

Supporters Groups

In Malaysia there are 3 Sports Supporters Groups. In a nutshell, they are:
Ultras Malaya.
1. Ultras Malaya 

 With more than 5000 voluntary members spread out across many states, they predominantly cheer for football and perhaps hockey only. They have been known to be aggressive in that they dare to challenge under performing FAM.
TM Malaysia.
2.  Team Malaysia 

Mainly comprising of staff of Telekom Malaysia,they will cheer for games, under instruction from their companies. TM management also set out mobile cheer squads by giving stadium tickets to Malaysian students based overseas, to save travel costs.
3.Famemas Supporters Club

A small but closely knit multi racial club that consists of a group of volunteers who plan their own cheer programmes. They cheer at multi sports events eg Sea Games and Asian Games. From event to event, they work with corporate firms to subsidise their cheer activities. Each of these groups have their own inherent strengths. At times they work together for the betterment of sports in the country..

Selasa, 9 Disember 2014

Famemas di Piala Axiata 2014

Syabas kepada rakyat Malaysia dan rakan Famemas yang menghadirkan diri dan menyokong pasukan badminton Malaysia di perlawanan separuh akhir Piala Axiata 2014 tempohari. Sedikit sebanyak sokongan Famemas yang diketuai oleh Lee Hui Seng berjaya memberi semangat pasukan Malaysia walaupun tewas 2 - 3 diperlawanan tersebut. 

 Antara foto yang sempat dirakamkan:
Menanti rakan-rakan Famemas datang.
Bahan-bahan sorakan yang dibawa oleh Tuan Presiden, Mr. Lee Hui Seng.
Teket masuk ke stadium.
Dua ahli Famemas yang penyokong tegar badminton Malaysia.
Siap sedia memasuki stadium.
Otai masih berbisa, Kak Saliah juga peminat tegar badminton.
Tuan Presiden begitu bersemangat, berlari 2 km ke stadium.
Apabila dua penyokong tegar dua negara bertemu.
Suasana dalam stadium yang gelap.
Gelanggang badminton Piala Axiata.
Terima Kasih kepada ahli Famemas yang hadir di sepanjang Piala Axiata 20134 Kehadiran anda membangkitkan semangat pemain yang membara dan merebak ke seluruh arena. Pihak Axiata menyatakan terima kasih atas penyertaan anda… 

Teruskan semangat juang anda yang mempesonakan semua penonton yang hadir di Stadium Badminton Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Syabas! 

Untuk melihat lebih banyak foto Famemas di Kejohanan Badminton Piala Axiata 2014 sila layari: http://www. photos/ famemas


I was seated a row below those two Vietnamese girls with Tok Mo. That was because the Malaysian supporters sections were all filled to the brim. After the rain started I moved to the upper terraces to protect myself from the rain. But the section of 1000 Vietnamese supporters didnt move.
Mr. Lee & TokMo
That was when the commotion started and a few Malaysian supporters started attacking the Vietnamese group. Water bottles were thrown at the area when Tok Mo and I were once seated. Some supporters from both sides started running away. FRU officials moved in to keep order.
Shame on the few soccer hooligans who mar Msia image at Vietnam game. Now we can expect same reception at MyDinh Stadium for 11 Dec return game...
After the match, a small fire was lit which was quickly put off. Supporters stayed behind the stadium and continued chanting. Some cracker missiles were fired into the air.
TheVietnamese Supporters did provoke us by showing the middle finger... and the way they danded... as claimed by some friend who were there.
It was a sad nite for Malaysian soccer. We thought English hooliganism happened far far away but this time, it happened in our shores...