Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Jom Ke Singapore

Kepten Shafari ketika berada di luar Stadium Tertutup Singapura pada tahun 2007.

Hi Famemas members,

so about 40 of us are going to S'pore on 13 and 14 June. Yeah! Yeah! yeah! Famemas BOLEH!

I remembered the trip in 2007. It was quite an interestring trip though a few of us were stopped at the CIQ complex across the causeway. Then the stadium people did not allow us to hang on our flags and our Chairman had some good words for them. A few Singaporean Ah Sohs came over to settle the matter. There was one lady who told the stadium people that' "For the last 6 years, never before that we had some good time but yesterday, these people (referring to Famemas) made all of us to enjoy the badminton game". And just a few days after that, it was discussed in their Parliment that they should try to revive the "Reds", their group of supporters during the Malaysia Cup days. So guys... that was the impact that Famemas had brought to Singapore...the city of Kiasus and Kiasias.... heheheh Whats Kiasias??? a new car model from Kia?

Guys... please try to go to S'pore and cheer our players. They need our support.

Yesterday there was this Rambo from Jasin who was shot dead after trying to rob a family. Well, Jasin is such a peaceful place and one of the places in Malaysia that the crime rate is very minimum. But with the Rambo case.... Jasin is no longer considered an "aman" town.

Newcastle, Middlesborough and West Brom were relegated to the 2nd league. Most surprising is Newcastle. They were once, one of the top teams but lately...they are no hoppers. Owen, Mark Viduka and Damien Duff are no more in EPL comes next season?

Ok... I met these guys who were Liverfool supporters. They are planning to see Liverfool playing in Bangkok on 22 July. Fanatics! They are simply fanatics. I told them it has been just too long... 19 years ago when they won the Premier League Cup.. and I think they wont able to get it in the next few years because they just do not have the 2nd/ the grooming players.... I mean the youngsters. There are plenty in Macheda, Gibson, Possedon, Welback and so and so.... Well.. those Liverfooldians claimed that MU had just equalled their record of 18 league titles....

I just kept quite after that but deep in me... I just wanted to tell them when Liverfools were Champions... the soccer game was not that modern yet... and 2 decades ago... the game was played differently... less sophisticated and less demanding than now. But do I have to explain to the fanatics?? waste of time right?? heheheh So sorry to Liverfool fans.

And in PPP, they have 2 leaders now. It is absolutely in a 'tonggang langgang' situation right now.

I like to see Erra Fazira's daughter...Aleesya. Very.. very.. cute. Razlin.. you pun suka tak tengok baby yang comel?? 

Ok guys... till we meet again, take care and enjoy life.


Capt....still very lonely in KL.

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