Ahad, 19 Jun 2011

Exco Meeting No. 03 (Session 2011/2013)

Date: Saturday, 18 Juni 2011
Venue: Cobra Club, Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Present: Prostem committe members: Mr. Lee Hui Seng, Mr. Hafidz, Mr. Dorairaj, Ms. Yusnita, Mr. Jason Thiang, Mr. Zulkifli, and Mr. Mansor

Absent with apologies: Mr. Nicholas Ong, Mr. David Foo and Mr. Zakariah

Lembaga Promosi Kesihatan Malaysia

Jumaat, 10 Jun 2011

Poster Program Sorak Sihat 1 Malaysia

Assalamualaikum & Salam 1Malaysia,

Semua ahli dijemput bersama menjayakan program Famemas dengan kerjasama Lembaga Promosi Kesihatan Malaysia (LPKM) dalam acara berikut:

SORAK SIHAT 1MALAYSIA – (Larian 3km, Taklimat Kesihatan, Senam Sorak)
Hari Ahad, 17 Julai 2011
Pendaftaran dari pukul 7 pagi sehingga 1 tengahari, breakfast dan makan tengahari disediakan
Goodie Bags, T-Shirt Diberi kepada setiap yang hadir
YURAN PERCUMA UNTUK AHLI FAMEMAS, bukan ahli boleh mendaftar sebagai ahli dengan bayaran RM25

Pertanyaan: atau 012-3293378



Salam ikhlas dari famemas

Rabu, 8 Jun 2011

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - OWC

Captain Shafari

Salam to all,

haha.. I am now the President. Self proclaimed President. President of GM4C -Guys Marrying 4 Club. And I am now on my recruiting drive, to take in as many members as possible.
Eligibility criterias are;
  1. Men
  2. Bachelor
  3. Has a wife
  4. Has 2 wives
  5. Has 3 wives
  6. Has 4 wives
  7. First wife must join OWC (Obedient Wives Club) this OWC is good huh. .. bringing some advantages to us, men. And to women too. They are;

For men;
-Isnt (arent) having a wife (wives) who is (are) very obedient means happiness? Just tell the wife (wives), abang nak kahwin lagi - surely being obedient, she (they) would not stand between your way. And your wives would scrub your body and bathe you, spoon fed you, and doing three some, four some... WOW!!! nikmatnya hidup ini. Being a master to the obedient wives is like being a Pharoah.

For women:
-you will learn all the techniques on love making so as to satisfy your hubby's lust. So.. gaining in knowledge... may be till PhD. Doctorate in Love Making! hahaha

Anyway... I am not qualified to be the President of GM4C as I dont even have a wife...... unless if Si Dia makes a u turn too.... heheheh and willingly to be a member of OWC. To Si Dia.. u nak join tak?

When I was small, I like watching High Chapparel, a cowboy weekly show on tv. I can still recall some of the names... Monalito, Montoya and it is about a cowboy family near to the Mexican border. They rear cattles. Those cattles need to have a mark on their body to indentify to which ranch they belonged to. So these cowboys will perform cattle-prodding or stamp marking by heating the iron marker really hot and then stamped the burning maker onto the cow's body parts. It surely hurt, physically hurt the cow. So, just last week the Malaysian police did the same to the callgirls that they raided... they marked a big cross on their foreheads and that too surely hurt... mentally and emotionally hurt the girls. In first place, no one in the right frame of mind wants to be a prostitute... no one if given a choice. They got involved because they are forced to.

I did talk to some prostitutes and there was one case where a 50 something Malay lady admitted that she sold her body just because to finance her 3 children who were studying overseas.... and 2 of them were studying Islamic studies in the Middle East! Yeah guys... I did not get it wrong. I dont think she lied to me. She was sobbing with regrets but she told me that was the only way to ensure that her children will get a better life. Moreover her husband passed away and leaving her to fend the family.

When I was in ITM in 80s, I stalked a student who was wearing a tudung from the campus to Bus Station Klang where she changed her dress to a midi and blouse. There on she went to a 3 star hotel. Later I found out that she was prostituting herself as her parents could not afford to support her studies.. and she seemed to be a big spender too... maybe more for her own expenses.

So, to the police... please dont be inhumane to the callgirls. Maybe some of them have got children who depended on their mothers' takings in order to survive. Please En. Polis.

Aghhh... boring huh. EPL is over and waiting anxiously for the next season. So Chelsea and Liverfool are coming. NO! I AM NOT INTERESTED.

Talking about Si Dia? She is busy traveling the length of the earth till she is lost in the time zones...she got confused with petang and pagi, siang and malam. heheh but she surely enjoying herself.... being adventurous she is. I have only this to say to her..."berhati hati di tempat orang.. and take care please".

Ramadhan is coming soon..less than a month away. To those who need to ganti puasa, better start now. To the hawkers... they are getting ready to find the best locations in the Ramadhan bazaars. To parents... they are scratching their heads... baju raya, kuih raya, duit raya, balik raya....aduh aduh....
Me, I am looking forward too... to gather with all by siblings, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters in laws and my mother and my father. yeah..we can never know..are we able to gather again without anyone missing? No one can guarantees that.

On sports, a Negri Sembilan coach was charged for bribery. Could this be the tip of an iceberg? Even Hammam, the AFC President is being implicated in bribery. So guys....thats why I prefer to watch football on TV. Relaxing while watching. No more going to stadiums unless for selected matches but NO to all... matches as long as those s*&^%$#@ are still there helming FAM. Oh yeah... Congratulations to Li Na... the French Open Champion. For the men... I would prefer the Joker to the final match between Fed Ex and Nadal was no cocern to me.

Famemas...I heard very little from the Excos. I dont even know the outcome of their meeting with TM on Team Malaysia. Maybe no news are good news. And there are about 15 ready to fly to Palembang for the SEA games? Me... not confirmed yet... cos too much of committments in November. If I were to go, then I might go for honeymoon as well. Huh? Betul kah?

Till the next celoteh... the very best in what ever you do, take care and please do your part to take care of the earth, it is our only home.

capt.... still missing Si Dia.

Jumaat, 3 Jun 2011


Famemas akan menganjurkan Program Sorak Sihat 1Malaysia dengan sokongan geran Lembaga Promosi Kesihatan Malaysia pada hari Ahad, 17 Julai 2011.

Objektif penganjurannya adalah untuk melaksanakan sessi sorakan sukan patriotik bersama lagu dan gerak tari penyokong untuk menunjukkan impak visual dan spiritual kepada golongan sasar: athlit and kontinjen negara Malaysia disamping menerapkan nilai-nilai kesihatan melalui aktiviti fizikal yang seiring dengan suara vokal dan sokongan ritma dan tempo patriotik.

Peserta Kontinjen Famemas ke Sukan SEA Palembang adalah diwajibkan hadir.


Aturcara Program adalah seperti berikut:

Tarikh: Ahad, 17 Julai 2011
Tempat: Dewan Komanwel, Kompleks Majlis Sukan Negara, Bukit Jalil dan persekitaran untuk Larian 3km
Masa: 7 pagi sehingga 1 tengahari

  • 7 pagi Pendaftaran
  • 7.30 pagi Pelepasan Senaman 3km Walk oleh VIP
  • 9 pagi 3km Walk Berakhir dan Rehat / Refreshments
  • 10 pagi Majlis Perasmian
  • 10.05 pagi Kata Aluan Pengerusi
  • 10.15 pagi Pelancaran oleh VIP
  • 10.30 pagi Taklimat Kesihatan 11.15 pagi Senaman Sorak 1Malaysia oleh Pelatih dari Majlis Sukan Negara
  • Gerak Senam
  • Gerak Sorak
  • Latihan Sorak Senam bersama Lagu/Rentak Sokongan Sukan Malaysia
  • 12.30 tgh Rumusan Program
  • Penutup Program
  • Penyampaian Cenderamata
  • 1.00 tgh Bersurai dan Makan Tengahari