Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

Celoteh Dorairaj - Hentam Kau!... Kau!

Mr. Dorairaj

Hi Li Lian...... Thank you for your kind thoughts. On behalf of Famemas club I sincerely thank you for your wise thoughts.

You said is all true...... when it comes to Sports activities after sending numerous sms and mails..... only the few norm members will come to support. But when you they are called for even Hari Raya gathering....... not many turn up. When we invite them for Majlis makan malam bersama Athletes of Malaysia....... sometimes they give us only 5 seats and that too would be informed last minute by whoever is the organizing...... when we invite other members other then the commitee....... they will say they are coming....but never turn up and give last minute calls that they this and that...... during that time sometimes 3 seats just go to waste....... because they do not turn up....... I have personally seen this happen. Its really upsetting the commitee as the seats could have ben given to someone who sincerely wants to be there.

During my last years of being a member I have seen that when to comes to events where its needs to be paid by members themselves...hardly most will turn up....... only the usual die hard members who have Famemas in their hearts are there to support. When it comes to events that is free....... a larger crowd can be seen.

Famemas club has just started growing and we the committee is doing all the best to make the club better for everyone. Now we are standing on our own and get we to meet often to find ways of making our club support on its own. I know most in the committe are spending money for the club without even claiming for it.... such as sending sms....printing material...... calls for sponsorship...... driving here and there looking for meet up with potential sponsors..... and even pay for food and event fees for other members who come and cannot pay. All these which is done by committee and is not appreciated. We are appointed by members to do our job and we are doing it to the very best.... but it takes time.....we cannot be a super club just overnite..... and all that depends on the members too...... if we dont have much support from them then how can we prove that our club is flying high in terms of popularity.

There have been events where all were notified..... guess how many turn up ? Only 4.... So where are the others? Frustrating and disappointing we still carry all the banners doing our job to popularise Famemas and recruit members. All these work is done on voluntary basis just for the love of the club...... we dont claim anything from the club. I love the club and I drive all the way pay for toll and petrol and parking fees.... just to be there to be at the organized event. If only all members have their hearts in Famemas our club would have been reached the peak long time ago. When many do not turn up I see the sadness in the committee faces..... I can see the diappointment.

Some members suddenly appear out of the blues and ask whats Famemas doing..... but we never ask then what have they been doing for Famemas. Believe me the committee is nothing without the members participating...... Until today only the normal few have helped the club in many ways...but the rest just sit there like a tourist and enjoy the tour and hardly give a helping hand to carry out some logistic matters. I am an old man doing what I can do for the club but I cannot do much and I really want the younger generation to come and give their hearts to bring Famemas to reach our objective and our goal and someday my only wish is Famemas will be in the hearts of every Malaysian in our country when I am not around anymore. 

Regards to all my dearest Famemasians.
Forgive me If I made anyone uncomfortable.

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