Ahad, 15 Mac 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - MU & MP

Hi all,

its been almost a month the last time I wrote. Well..pretty busy lately but the thought of being detained for being 'menderhaka' was there...hehe afraid that I'll masok again... and the fine of RM10K is too high a stake but then in one's mission of seeking justice, peace, harmony and for the betterment of our next is well..worth every seconds of it. Berani kerana benar!! And in our struggle for upholding those should not feel intimidated by the authority of the day!!

MU lost 1-4 to Liverfools. Well.. congrats to all Liverfoolsdians...but even as a staunch supporter of MU, I was really happy MU to loose. Made some money lor.. If one could recall, in one of the matches a year ago.. Sir Alex made 3 replacements and moments later they were playing with 10 men and they lost by 3 goals. Last nite.. it happened again. I raised my stake... and Sir Alex and Vidic must be laughing going to the bank.... but I could only smile.. RM50 richer...hehe

Teresa Kok is drawing about RM32K per month. State EXCOs is making RM17K a month. No wonder many are vying to become MPs and EXCOs! And with the many projects 'masok pocket"... no wonder they can become millionaires. Itu opposition... kalau on the other side... lagi BOLEH!! heheh

Batang Ai, Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and later (may be)...Bukit Lanjan will all face by-elections. May be this time the SPR will be having so many contractors fighting among themselves to supply tents and canopys for PDRM. Remember in Kuala Trengganu? Amount spent on tents and canopys was RM6M. Siapa tak mahu..right?

SPM result was out and again...the story of high achievers were in every newspapers and on TVs. I remember during my survey to the homes of Pakistani soldiers while doing my writeup when I was in Pakistan Military Academy. There was one house ...we were interviewing the mother of 3 sons who all died in the war (with India on 70s). She cried and cried while telling us about her children. Well...the surprising part was when she told us the reason she cried was that she felt sad since she got no more son to fight in the war!! It was not so much of losing them!! Well.. back to SPM high achievers.. I have this friend whose both daughters (twins) scored 10As and now he is regretting to have 3 kids only!! hehehe Humans huh...never feel satisfied with what they have.

Do I feel satisfied too? Not yet...not till I can have a dinner date with her... heheh

Hey Famemas... when can we have a gathering? I mean informal get together. What about jogging in FRIM? It is a good place and one can jog even in the afternoons... and we can race up the hill.. makan is quite ok and cheap too at the canteen. And canopy walk? Please lah...try to organise something.

Ok guys.. I do feel like missing you all...the shouts, the laughters, the arguments...the kind and harsh words and many more. Dont get me wrong... it is not only about her...heheh but all of you Famemasians.

Take care... where ever you are. My prayers for a better world to all of us.


Shafari Bakar

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