Ahad, 22 Mac 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - MU kalah lagi...

Dear all,

MU lost again and this time to another fool... Fulham...hehehe. So MU must be a greater fool cos they lost to both fools... heheh ... jangan marah ok.

Guys... try to look at the brighter side of life... compare our lives with that of NICK VUJICIC... man without limbs.. yeah... all 4 limbs. Search his name at google and see the many videos at youtube. This is one guy that is very determined to make full use of life though fully handicapped. And see also about a dog without the fore limbs and how the animal walk... just like human using the hind legs only...the name is FAITH. Look it in the youtube too.

Kalau tak cukup... try to read a story about a daughter's story of his ever demanding father.... in the Sunday Star today.. just a page before '"Dear Telma". How a dog could change a man's life and about the dog too...

So frens... life is too short.. make the best out of it and enjoy it...

Kesian her... she is sick. InsyAllah she'll recover soon... hope it is only a minor sakit.... To her; take care and Get Well Soon.

Sometimes and correctly.. most of the is mind over matters. If we think that we are tired... then we are. So even we are really tired but if we were not to think about it..and just say that we can do it... then we definitely can.

Many a times I do feel that I am having a blockage artery.. I am feeling the pain in my chest but the doctor always said that I am imagining things cos after several checkups.. nothing negative came up. OK fine.. but lately there are incidence that what ever I am holding... i let it to slip off.. especially during the morning baths... the soap..and toothbrush... but my BP is excellent. Well... I think I am imagining things.. just like the doctor said. So I must be stronger... mentally and should dismiss all the negative thoughts... yeah.. must learn to think +ve at all times.

On local sports... Congrats to Datuk Lee Chong Wei on winning the Swiss Open and so to the pair of KKK and TBH. Also to Zulmarzan for regaining the Malaysian Bowling Open title...and hope our track cyclists were to win big in Poland next week. About the Malaysian F1... any one going to SIC? Can we go in groups? Anyone???

Oue Exco had their 1st meeting of the present session yesterday... Hope everything went well and I have high regards to the present set up.. and I have the strong confidence that our beloved club, Famemas were to go places from now on...we'll prosper for the better. God willing.

Till next time...regards to all... and please smile.....


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