Selasa, 13 Januari 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE

Dear frens,

I agreed to some writers that the invasion of Israelis into Gaza is not the problems between Jews and Muslims but between 2 nations; Israel and Palestine. No matter what it is...Israelis must be condemned for being too brutal...many innocence lives were killed, maimed, shattered etc which in long term there'll be more human bombers, more jihad fighters cos there'll be revenge and hatred being sowed in those who are alive...witnessing how their loved ones being killed. So our next generation will see more and more bombings like the ones in Bali or New York or London. The cycle will keep on going... till when? ...end of human kind?

When we were cheering at Putra stadium yesterday, Gaza was being bombed..more and more people were killed. My 'Al Fatihah" to them.

Malaysia Open came to an end yesterday. Lee Chong Wei won. Famemas members who were there were so happy. We did our part. We cheer lead all in the stadium. It was fantastic to see nearly all in the stadium were clapping the thunder sticks or hands, moving their heads and stamping their feet to follow to our beat. It was just great! Malaysia BOLEH!

But then again and again..only a few veterans were there... muka yang sama.. others might be too busy with their own itineraries.

Oh yeah...MU beat Chelsea 3-0. I think it got to do something with Hadfidz went training at Stamford Bridge. He being a great fan of MU... and went there...and Chelsea lost! Ok Hadfidz.. apa u sudah buat? Chelsea fanatics and better be careful of this type of ploy. heheheh...

We as times when we are having the upper hand or advantage, we normally did not take it or use it. Maybe it is ignorance or just plain "tak kisah" type. It is like a woman being married..she is assuming that as a wife and mother to the kids, she feels secured, in the sense that the hubby would stick to her... then she slacks.. does not bother to care for herself, the house work and starting to ignore the feelings of the husband. It is a vice versa... lelaki pun sama. Later...the partner will get fed up and gradually the marriage breaks up. What I am trying to relate here is that we normally will regret when we do not make use of the opportunities that we had. It is only later that we realised..and then we started to regret...which is normally too late.

Yeah just this morning I got a call from a former GF of mine. We had known each other since 2000. We dated a few times. She studied in UK, a lecturer and still single till last November. She told me she got married to some one else's husband. Why am I regretting? Actually I am not is only at that moment when I received that call. It is like..."Oh.. why didn't I take that advantage that I had before?" Yeah.. she wanted us to settle down but being be frank I am afraid when a woman ajak kahwin... I am afraid to be a husband again.(though I know that this sort of chance would not come easily... maybe "tidak ada langsung" in future but...).

Now I am happy for her cos she is 46 and being a woman... the older she is ..syhhhh...just like kereta Jepun .. ... hehehe ... Hey I am joking ok. Dont take it seriously...

Ok Ok.. my lady frens.. please jangan marah...

So SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE won 4 Golden Globe awards. Can you all recall the film's title which I wrote about 2 months ago...on Frieda Pinto? (Razlin's twin...) Well guys.. now Frieda Pinto is about to be famous and we'll be able to see more of her photos. Kalau tengok sekali...our Razlin looks like her...but kalau tengok dua kali... Frieda Pinto looks more like Razlin...heheheh and WARNING... jangan tengok 3 kali cos you all will definitely say that I am trying to pull everyone's legs... heheh...

Whatever it is...very surprising that a small budgeted film won that big..and maybe this is only a biginning for the major awards in the Oscars. Please see this movie when it comes to Malaysian theatres... about rags to riches story.

I heard that Famemas is holding its AGM after CNY, together with CNY gathering. Hopefully all Famemasians will turn up. The EXCO will decide the date, time and place. To start the ball rolling... let me start the campaign... MARIA SONG, CAPT ZAKI & JASON THIANG (NEW NOMINATIONS)to be in Committee besides DORAI, DAVID, LEE, HADFIDZ, NIC, ZULDEAN (INCUMBENTS).

So guys....pls be active cos Famemas is a very viable club for all of us.



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