Isnin, 5 Januari 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Malaysia Badminton Open

Dear all,

Happy New Year.

J Lo sent me a New Year wish, more or less, "it is the wish of renewing old habits". You are 100% right J Lo. Memang betul!!

Yeah.. every new year eves we made our wish and somehow by 30-40 or latest by 100 days later... we are back to our old habits. Only few, very few that managed to keep their wishes/promises. Me? So far I cant keep to my wishes yet... and this year, it is just a few days passed and I think I'll be back to my normal self after the next few days... hehehe I am just trying to tell the truth... cos I am just an ordinary man like all of us.

Oh yes.. Guys.. Malaysian Open is back. I've cleaned my drum. I've repaired the horns and I am looking forward to be in Putra Stadium comes Friday. Malaysia Boleh!! It is ringging in my head.

"The stadium is packed and they are enjoying our drum's and horns' beat. They are doing the Mexican waves after waves and the players are giving their best." Well.. hope these expectations are there this weekend. It can be done if there are many Famemas members were to turn up. So guys... please make yourselves available at the stadium from Friday to Sunday. Just treat it as a gathering... to meet old friends.

I am hoping that our members in Johore do turn up... Sayed Faisal "the botak", Carrot and those who were at JB stadium for the ABC last year. Tengku Muhammad (the petani guy) and Premnath are coming too. I'll try to bring a few of  'pancing kakis'. And to J Lo, Philo and gang... I'll promise that I keep my mouth shut.. no more telling to the whole stadium that J Lo tak mandi..hehehe So..please come ok. Yeah.. the tickets are expensive but then we are going to make it worth..every sen of it. And I think Ayu is coming all the way from over the causeway... banyak jauh lor. Jadi kepada yang dekat tu... sila lah datang... meramaikan serta menjayakan.. dan memperlihatkan bahawa Famemas masih kental, kuat dan bersemangat waja. Yahooo.... Famemas BOLEH!!

But then.. the invasion of the Isrealis into Gaza is very disturbing in deed. More than 500 were killed and there were children, women and the old people... innocent people. what Isreal is trying to proof? Or is it that they are staring to start the 3WW? Or to divert the world's attention from the economic fiesco that the world is facing now? Or is it that they are just doing their part to increase the oil prices and hence to bolster up the economy?? The jews know it better but please not at the expense of innocent kids. Please stop it! Mr Obama, please try to stop this genocide. You promise to have a peaceful world and now is the time for you to keep up to your promise... please.

I am trying... I am getting darker.. not that dark as our aneh but it is still darker because too much of being in the hot sun.. fishing. I've been fishing everyday since 24th Dec till yesterday.. a stretch of 11 days.. sometimes more than 6 hours per day. Just yesterday, I was fishing from midnight till 3 pm.. 15 hours!. I am crazy. I think I am. hehehe.

This ongoing "fights' between OCM and MSN on participants and number of sports and games of the coming Laos Sea Games... I think it is not good at all. They should settle it in the meeting room rather than spilling it in the public. It shows lack of professionalism on both sides. To Datuk Sieh and Dato Zukefles... come on.. please settle it amicably for the sake of Malaysian sports.

With first celoteh of 2009 ends.

Again... please delete this if you dont like it and please inform me if you want your name to be permanently out from my address group.

Thank you.

Capt.... may be I'll try for para jumping this year.

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