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Famemas Update News@8/12/08

Last week we witnessed the passing of a true Malaysian sports hero and icon, Datuk Ho Koh Chye. My sweetest and cherished memory tribute to Ho Koh Chye...Despite his busy schedule as Chef De Mission to 2003 Vietnam SEA Games, he shed protocol and followed our Famemas Supporters' coach to Ho Chi Minh sports venue.This shows that he truly valued the supporters' role in the name of sport.

Datuk Ho Koh Chye has this rare ability to exude confidence and motivational spirit onto his charges.This was evident during our time together at Vietnam SEA Games. In times of highly charged atmosphere,he would merely smile back at you and that would calm the team down. That what I call a leader.Malaysia has lost a sports mentor that it will find hard to replace.

Today, Malaysia lost 2-3 to Vietnam in AFF Suzuki Football Tournament in Phuket,Thailand.It was a see-saw match as we equalised twice and then lost due to a needless mistake by the goalkeeper.Vietnam substitute lopped over the head of our keeper who came off his line.

So we need to beat host and hot-favorite Thailand in their home ground Bangkok on Wednesay 10 Dec at 8.30pm (Live on Astro Supersports).

Last week,Malaysia, through the leadership of Nicol David,emerged third in World Team Women's Squash Championships in Cairo,Egypt,matching their third placing two years ago (also lost to Egypt at that time).

For those in Ipoh this week, the 1st Indoor Asian Hockey Tournament will be held in Stadium Indra Mulia in Ipoh on 10-14 Dec 2008.

For those in Alor Star this week,the National Grand Prix Badminton Finals will be held in Alor Star,Kedah from 9-12 Dec 2008

For those in Penang this week,Penang Pesta Bowling Open will be held at Prai Mega Lanes on 12 -20 Dec 2008

For those in KL this week,ASEAN University Games will be on form 11-21 Dec 2008 at various venues (see and Asian Women Junior Hockey will be on at Bukit Jalil Hockey Stadium from 13-22 Dec 2008

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