Selasa, 16 Disember 2008

Celoteh - Kepten Shafari

Dear Celoteh readers,

Last Friday, 10 of us were privileged enough to be with who's who in the Malaysian sports world. Dato Sieh Kok Chee spent more than an hour with 8 of us and I felt that we gained much knowledge in that short time than if we were to learn from teachers or books. He is a great man who likes to share his ideas and experiences. He is allowing Famemas to use the Wisma OCM hall for free if we intend to have any functions to raise money for Famemas's trip to Laos Sea games. Opposite our table, Tengku Imran, Dato Dr Mani and a few other sports' greats were having some good drinks.We were the only ones who stayed till 11.30 pm, way after the end of the olympian nite. 

Thank you for being there; Raja Azuan (make sure you send us the photos...ok), Yusnita (direct from office...sure tak mandi), Chaterine (the lanky sprinter who would not stop if she were to start drinking...try coca cola and see...she'll definitely stop), Tan Ming Sen (who lost many pounds due to being stranded in Bangkok airport when PAD supporters took over the airport), the ever talkative David the Vice Chairman, Lee Hui Seng and Maria Song (at last I am with a woman in Kebaya batik.. and I think I saw her in late 70s when she was with MAS....luckily we didnt get to know one another.... kalau tidak nama sudah tukar to Aspalela Song Abdullah...hehehe).

The suggestion from Dato Sieh.. i.e. to save RM50 per month so that by Dec 09 we'll have RM500 each for the Laos trip, is very practical in deed. And as supporters, we should be able to support ourselves rather than depending on sponsors. "How can we consider ourselves as great supporters when we cant even support ourselves?" he said.... and it is very true! For this I think as Famemas members who have gone for trips, we should be doing that. Forget about recruiting new members...offer to the veterans first cos at least we know one another. If we were to take in new members, and then he/she has to pay RM500, then he/she thinks that he/she is on holidays....and then the problems on breach on discipline and other problems might cropp up.....and will be difficult to monitor and control. Then it'll defeat the main purpose.

So EXCOs... pls plan something to raise funds so that we are on our own and let us build the brand of Famemas to greater heights and then...we shall be able to demand...may be 4 years from now and then we'll all be in London Olympics!! It is possible right??

Suzuki cup? Eeeiiyak!! I hate FAM more and more. If I have my way.. I'll interrogate that stupid goalkeeper who made 3 blunders in a single match that handed the Vietnamese the match. I'll squeezed his b---- with a rusty pliers and he'll definitely screamed out the names of the benefactors of his blunders. Ai yoooo.... all FAM officials, please submit your resignation. A disgrace to the nation and has been for too long.Tak malu kah??

Kseniya from Russia won the Miss World. Hello Aneh...she is of my type too.. just like the Bond girl. Now I must start learning Russian.. otherwise how can I converse with them. Oh yeah.. my 2009 resolution is to start to live in the world of reality. I must stop dreaming and imagining things. She has only 15 days to say "yes" or otherwise I prefer to live alone forever. Giving up? Yeah may be. Aneh will be one happy guy on reading this cos he'll be a she from 1st January 2009 for not accepting the challenge of the 2 km Jason called it, "Crash of the Titan Raj" and "The awakening of Aci Di" heheheh Aneh.. oopps.. Aci.. kenapa takut. Jom kita lari.....

Heard that Hasnira is a mother now. Betul kah Hasnira?? Tahniah. Tapi jangan lah namakan anak you Korat atau Famemas. Shafari tu ok lah...nanti baik dan alim orangnya. Paling jahat...dia bersorak. hehehe

The bowling game on this Saturday at Sunway Piramid? I would love to join but then got to pick up my children's mother who is coming back from haj... I'll try to join if the work is done. And much is it per head...RM30?? 

Hafidz suddenly became a Chelsea fan and was sent to train with Chelsea players in London. As what he said...for cari makan, he changed his colours.. from MU fanatic to Chelsea loyal. Banyak pandai this Hafidz lor.. but I am not that... if I like that team... I'll support forever through thick and thin.... just like I am after her... all the way from 2003.. .. banyak lama lor. But after 5 years... I think I should give her a break..let her decide....heheheh "Thanks god... at last this mad man is leaving me in peace", may be this is what she is saying after this. hehehe

Ok.. whatever it is, where ever you are and what ever you are doing, please take care and enjoy life. May be we are fine and healthy right now but we wont know of our fate right after this. Believe in HIM and to HIM that we hope and pray for a better and a safe world. InsyAllah.

To her, please accept my sincere apology for meddling with your life though I am serious of my intention towards you from day 1 but then life is not all rosy...there are ups and downs.

To others whom I've hurt intentionally or not, again I am very very sorry.

Please stay active within Famemas and make it force that is well heard, well seen and the envy of others. Hidup Famemas!!


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