Isnin, 22 Disember 2008

Celoteh - Etiquette - Kepten Shafari

Thanks for the replies... at least some of you are still IN... On running.. wait till I get back my momentum.. after the long rest. May benext year.. I'll go for 10km first. After seeing Lim Pueh Tian's photos... the desire to get back into competitive running is burning hot now. Heheh Hope I can maintain that this time. My 4 years stint in JB has made me to betoo relaxed though I did go for joggings, but with less competitive runs... the oomph was not there.

And my dear Aneh... u seems to be good at wooing women. Macam playboy tua.Tapi why the heck u r still alone?? R u the hit and run type? Heheh or are uwaiting for the correct MAN to approach u? kah kah kah.

Giving flowers to show your affection? I thought it is long over due. Ithought this style is more to those who are not real... I mean hypocrisytype. Just to show. I prefer that while walking or having makan... u justbuy some flowers or pluck from a plant and give it to her.. impromptutypes... then this is more meaningful. Hehehe... well ladies... am I rightor u prefer Aneh's style?

Aneh... I think your style is for our parents lah..sudah lama. Nowadays, things got to be done in a faster mode. It is not giving up.. but then youcant wait for too long either. At your and my age... kita tak boleh tunggulama-lama.. and we too must have some pride.. mesti jual mahal lor (thenwe'll regret later) hehehe We are just like Mercedes.. lagi lama lagi mahal..antique..(at last tak laku.. like Aneh... hehehe)

Ok gtg... take care and enjoy your work.


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