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Celoteh - Etiquette - Dorairaj

Dorairaj Celoteh

Hi Kawan Kawan! 

Yes its indeed true that there are plans for another LCCT some where in Labu........but its just talk and discussion. Air Asia is not happy about the taxes and delays are often the cause of Runway occupied by international flights giving priority to foreign airlines rather than for domestic. Air Asia sees this in terms of money since waiting for clearance to take off and landing is " money " wasted. Gallons of fuel is wasted burning while waiting. Our traffic controllers need more space between each flight arrivals and departures which are strictly followed by our own Civil Aviation Laws. Compared to tarffic in Frankfurt...... and other busy airports in the world the traffic controllers are so good that hardly a minute passes a flight is either landing or taking off. Here Air Asia gets pissed off many times as they always allow one runway for takeoff and another for landing. In my opinion our traffic controllers are just following the local laws and there is a urgent need to change that..... since price of aircraft fuel is high. So If I were to be the CEO of Air ASia I would cry foul over the delays...... and would look for alternative ways to save millions of RM in the long run. If the Government do not want to listen the something must be done to save an Airline.

Yes there something that smells not right privatising IJN. Everthing is going fine and wonderful and plenty of doctors are trainned there....... other centres are not well equipped as IJN. So why now wanting to privatize IJN....... someone is smelling money there to make and guess who will be victims?

Bowling event was good and fun........ few ladies. If there were to be more ladies it would have been more lively. Anyway with the anak anak yatim it sure was nice to see them enjoy.......who have not bowling at all...... The joy of seeing how they throw the ball.

I fell down because the dump kambing tua keep nosyind behind my back whenever I wanted to throw the ball........ but the good news is I beat him in both the games....... Did he tell you guys that? Naaaaaah!

My dear Kapten..... thank you for your advice. We the committe always have repeatedly reminded our members to wear our Club Famemas T-Shirts for any events or rather all events but few of them still give us excuses that they are coming staright form their working places and its rainning and they forgot and ........ so on. We cannot tell them to go back or ban them from taking part or deregister them. They are not kids and they should think for themselves. Our job is to remind them and keep reminding at every event. Of couse discipline shall be uphold at all times to ensure Famemas is a club with high dignity. All the bowlers who participated were well behaved and did not cause any unhealthy situations.

Badminton Super Series was a suberb show By KKK and LCW...... I was practically glued to my chair while watching the game on TV. While Ayu called I did not even want to answer her as I know she was very excited about the game too. Well looks the East Malaysians were really having a wonderful time........ imagine what we could have done if we were to be there........ Rock the Stadium Baby!  Thats the kind of match we want to see. 

Wei Kapt ! Buka mata mimpi loh! Last chance! What do you mean last chance? Are you giving up? Thats what woman wait for.... to see you give up...... thats when they will know your weakness. A man shall never never give up. He shall strive all the way until she gets married to another man. You dont need to know her moods lah..... What she likes lah and what doesnt....... Come man Kapt tak kan u dah tua sangat sampai tak tau apa yang perempuan suka atau tak suka. Do you dare carrying a bunch of roses and be present yourself in front of her office early in the morning before she starts work? Thats what everywoman want. Will you wait before her office hrs are over with a a nice tub of ice cream and tell her that you would like to share it with her even for a short while. Do you dare to do this? Thats what women like. But I am sure you cant afford to give a Diamond ring for her which is all woman favourite item.But you need not give all that expensive stuff..... just be there for her when she least expects you...... woman love surprises.

Saya yang kena cakap benda benda ini kepada kambing tua ni. Why do you keep looking at woman who eat and talk...... tak ada kerja lain ke? Mana mana ada perempuan mata you akan jolok ke sana. You pakai sensing radar kah? tengok manicure lah..... belakang telinga lah........ Macam ada banyak experiance dengan benda ni!

Well to all the rest of my friends Wishing all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

1&Only Raj

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