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Kepten Shafari Celoteh

Dear friends,

the govt is about to approve the building of another LCCT airport somewhere near Labu, Negeri Sembilan. It is to be funded by Sime Darby and Air Asia. Air Asia claimed that they are paying RM100 million per year to MAB. And MAB had just finished constructing a bigger LCCT and there is still the Subang air port. Well it logical that we need another airport? KLIA is underutilised. Since Air Asia being given the rights to fly to S'pore and Tiger & Silk airways to fly to KLIA, there is a dropped in people flying to far distance destinations through KLIA. They preferred to fly through Changi. Well...KLIA will then become a white elephant in the land of Malaysia Boleh. Think hard about this is your and my country.

IJN to be privatised? Now they say that they wont but they most likely to proceed with it after the Kuala Trengganu by election. Just watch it. Then the poor Malaysians with heart problems will have no where to go. About IJN, it is considered one of the best "heart hospital" in the world. Many specialist and doctors said about this and so are the patients who had gone through the operation theatres. My father is one of them. He had 7 blockages and had 3 by-pass in 2003...he survives till today. Alhamdullilah. I've seen poor patients who need to sign a few papers before going for the operations and those papers are from the welfare department... all they need to pay is only a token. If being privatised....will this practice be continued?? A big doubt!

The bowling session with 5 orang anak-anak yatim went smoothly but not before a long delay. 22 Famemas members were there and they are:

1. Hafiez & wife ( not the betryed Hafidz that put on Chelsea's  jersey.. hehehe)
3. Azuan & wife
5. Rashid with 5 friends
11. Ramlah & hubby
13. Keh Pin Tat
14. David
15. Lee & Family
18. Dorai (he slipped and fell on the floor just after he bowled.. thud!!! macam badak jatuh..heheh)
19. Jason
20. Zul Dean
21. Siva
22. Me
23. Her (she was somewhere there cos I just cant get on with the game..banyak bola masok longkang..hehe)

A big thank you to those who came but then...where are the rest?? I decided to come only on the 11th hour...after knowing that many of the regulars did not RSVP. I was thinking that my presence might make some of you not to come. Well...just for some fun, to gather and to be with the is worth to come.

And the EXCOs... pls ensure that all members are to put on the official Famemas t-shirts next time...let it be some discipline and to look more organised. Please.

The Champions League... MU VS Inter Milan, Liverpool VS Real Madrid, Arsenal VS Roma and Chelsea VS Juventus. Going to be very-very interesting matches. This is what we want to see.... real hot stuff.. bukan Malaysia lawan Vietnam dan kalah atau Selangor lawan Kedah (with few Selangor players were banned). Talking about FAM...really feel like vomitting!

Lee Chong Wei vs Pete Gade. Another interesting match and so are the and women that is going on in Kota Kinabalu right now.

This evening... MU vs a team from Equador ( lupa nama.. what? Pinto Ligo) to decide the champion of the world's clubs. (Pinto? Razlin Dawina Pinto? hehehe)

Oh yeah...there are only another 7 days for the new year... and there are 7 days for me to have some hope on her saying .. "Ok capt.. lets go for it". heheh... well.. you dont have to pay to dream and imagining things, right? So let me do that.. for another week.

Yes... why not I get the help of mayuh-amai. May be she can help me to convince her to give me a chance to approach her. Or to give some tips on what she likes or doesnt and when is she in good mood so that I can call her. hehehe heheh Hello guys... I am still not crazy ok. But this is my last hope... atau harapan akan hanya tinggal harapan?? 

Talking on etiquette... it is surprising to see some women who sit cross legged on their chair in restaurants, munching the food with their mouths opened and talking while chewing their food!! eiiiyakk!! This happened in Mid Valley and they are not Indonesians but locals... Malays and Chinese. They are dressed in branded clothes and talking in English. These sort of women.. they really got on my nerves no matter how cantik or sexy they are. 

In any women.. cantik or sexy or that caught my attention.. I normally look into their toe nails. I dont expect to be polished but just clean without the black "things" in their nails and propelly menicured will do. Then if there is a chance.. I'll look behind their ears...and into the ear lobes..kalau got aliens.. thats it. Boleh blah...heheh Well... to me if they are clean outside... they are most likely to be cleaned inside too... the inner side which is more important.

Ok ladies... now you are looking at your toe nails and trying to scrub whatever is behind your ears... betul tak? hehehe

Again... saya merayu kapada yang masih setia kapada Famemas.. please do join us in our activities. People whom I really miss (besides her) are like J Lo, Vanitha, Philo, Alicia, Lim Pueh Tian, Lydia, Angeline, Arshad, Bala (MMU), Lilian, Hoon, Zulhabri and other Famemasians and in fact all Famemas members.... pls do join us in our next get together.. may be Christmas get together?? Up to the EXCOs to decide.

Till next time...take care and enjoy life. Happy holidays and to all Christians... Merry Christmas.

capt...  jogging, pancing ikan and solving sudoku.. when ever there is time.

p/s. Hasnira.. pls jangan saman saya...cos you'll get nothing.. kereta pun company punya. Anyway... terima kasih atas kesudian u menulis dari orang Jasin kapada seorang dari Jasinton City. heheh

Kepten Shafari

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