Selasa, 9 Disember 2008

Celoteh - Kepten

thank you Aneh Raj, for giving your sincere opinion of what I should do or not and to Chairman Lee for his sports update.
Aneh... itu cerita sampingan is like putting aji no moto in your food to taste better but then it has its bad side... just like in all MSG thing (preservative chemicals)..  mungkin rosakkan hati or jantung and can cause what people say. Well if you dont like the food with that stuff... just throw it away...simple as that right! 
The late Dato Ho Koh Chye was a good leader and I remember very well of his presence within Famemas activities in Vietnam. May his soul rest in peace. And so to those who were killed in the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide and the bus accident in Tangkak on Saturday. What a bad weekend.....but then the Eid ul Adha celebration has somehow lightened up some of our spirit.
Malacca people were in celebrative mood just because SRK was able to come to receive his Datukship...and to put on a baju Melayu. This is Malaysia..guys... land of serba Boleh!! maybe in the near future... it will be no more malacca but Melaka Bolly. I feel like renouncing of being born and bred in Malacca... malu lor.
Talk about jogging tracks. Of late I am back into serious running and I am quite amazed with DBKL for making Tasik Titiwangsa and Lake Garden into an international 'taman'. Cantik and clean with almost all the facilities...both for recreational and having joggers' interest in their plan of upgrading of both 'tamans'. The only lacking is the rubberised track in Lake Garden... this type of tracks are meant for old people whose joints are already weak. They had it before but why not now. And I cant beat the likes of Jason Thiang, Lee , Lim Phuh Tian and others in running but I definitely can beat 1 person... i.e. our Aneh. I am willing to give a handicap of 200 m for a 2 km run. Aneh.. mahu take the bet?? ( syhhh... I am just trying to get him onto the jogging mood.. if he picks up the bait.)
Well... this is what we dont like and do not want... the changing of the bowling dates. To the EXCOs of Famemas... pls remember that we are all volunteers and since we are all having to work to survive... then this changing of dates will affect our plannings and dont be surpriseed that only a handful will take part, if at all there is. Pls dont simply change dates that are already fixed at your whimps ... think about the GROUP. If you havent decided, then just plan it for next year cos all other days in December are already 'booked' to most of us. Tak percaya... just try to do it and only a few will come! We are all in holiday mood.. and also time to make ends prepare for the economic uncertainty.... and many more.
Ok... gtg.

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