Isnin, 8 Jun 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari

Hello everyone.

My fingers are itching. So please bear with me.

I heard only 14 seats are taken up so far for the Singapore trip. Why Famemasians?? Most of you have lost your interest in Famemas? Or most of you are waiting/saving for Laos trip in December? Come on... RM175 is not that expensive.. it is 1 nite stay in S'pore and travelling in a coach from door to door. So guys...better make your bookings and go and cheer for the Malaysian shuttlers in S'pore. Go Famemas Go!!

Me... my millions apologies. I have to skip this trip cos I have something of more importance to attend to during next weekend. It is about my future....... (may be I am dating someone... a special one?)

MU lost to Barca. What a lousy show by the devils. For once, I turned my back towards MU. Sir Alex made a wrong strategy and the rest is history. For next season, I have a strong feeling that MU would not win any trophy. Look out for Chelsea and may be Manchester City in the BPL. For Euro Champions League, Barca will be stronger and Real Madrid will be the team to bet on. But mean time...most of us would be very bored for the next 2 months.

Serena and Nadal lost at Rolland Garros. Quite interesting at the ongoing French Open. Fed Ex is sure to be Champion! And Marat Safin's sister to capture the woman's title!

On F1... I've lost interest cos it is a one way show. Due to some wrong technical decisions made by FIA...Ferraris, Mc Larens & BMWs are trailing far behind. Of all.. Brawn GP (formerly of Honda) is winning all the races. Tak syiok more suspense.

Razlin... Suri Cruise is cute.. as beautiful as Katie Holmes but isnt most Mat Salleh babies look alike? The coloured babies are normally look different and they are much cutier that the whites. Please look at our Aneh' s photo when he was 1 year old.....or at Obama's. Or you can have mine too.... hehehe

I did mention about the Rambo of Jasin. Then after that there many news about Jasin.... The Govt is building a training centre for Prisoners there and a big python was caught. So my "lidah is quite masin"... heheh Dont worry Razlin...I'll only say good things about you...hehe

I am looking forward for the EXTRRA... swimming 1.5 km, mountain biking for 30 km and running for 10 km. Cycling and running are to be up and down the hills with many obstacles and purely energy sapping and one must be 100% fit. Yes.. I am not taking part but i love to part of it. Hope to see Jason and gang in Kuantan then.

I am supporting the police to combat the Ah Longs and the Mat Rempits. Catch them and punish them. They are the torns in our society... they are ruthless..they are inhuman.. for the sake of money, pleasure and being lazy. Same goes to the drug addicts, jaga kereta and worst...the politicians and government officials who are corrupted. If only we are more transparent, be accountability, with intergrity and pride...then, we Malaysians are one of the richest citizens on the planet!! But just think about the stadium in Trengganu that had its roof crumbling down.... there are just too many questions. 

And of late...we dont feel safe anymore. There are just too many muggings, rapes, murders, kidnappings and etc..etc... It got to do with the bad economic situation now. Why cant we all just work harder, spend lesser and be closer to God?? This is the time to "know" yourself better.

Oh.... I am getting emotional now...

Ok guys...pack your bags and join the other Famemas members to Singapore.

Till we meet again...God willing... take care and enjoy life.


very, very lonely in KL.

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