Isnin, 15 Jun 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Ronaldo is Sold!

Dear all,
So the 20 plus Famemas members that went to S'pore had a good time doing shopping. There was no Malaysian shuttlers to support and the hockey team was not qualified for the next round. Well guys... reserve your voices for the Sea Games then.
It was lucky me that I did not go... may be instinct or just plain lucky. Anyway I had this "meminang' do of my nephew...I had to be the man who'll do all the 'pantuns' cos they wanted it to be the Melaka way of engagement do...with pantuns and cencalok and etc etc...
It wasnt me that got engaged... huh... Razlin. Dont worry.. I am still available cos I do believe that I am a one woman's man. heheh... (still trying my luck..ok) 
On Saturday the papers had "Cristiano Ronaldo scored with Paris Hilton" and on Sunday, it was "Ronaldo scored at extra time". hehehe these paper editors are very good at toying with words. It attracted readers and I think many read about those news.
At 80 million pounds... or half a billion ringgit... it is a very-very huge amount but then Real Madrid will surely make profits out of it. When MU sold David Beckham, Real Madrid said that it was peanuts that they paid for him cos Real made much more from Beckham's brand. And I like what Sapp Blater said of Ronaldo's price, "Mona Lisa painting was bought at 100 million euro and it was placed where no one see but soccer players are being watched at least twice a week and if the amount could buy breads for millions but then entertainment is also part of food for the people". Well.. I cant agree more with the FIFA President.
In Malaysian sports... Lee Chong Wei lost to a Vietnamese and our hockey team failed to proceed to the next round. Something is wrong especially with BAM. Last year and in 2007 we were just great and at the top of the world but it came crashing down... like the roof of Trengganu's stadium. I think the absence of Misbun is affecting Lee Chong Wei but then what about the doubles... men and women too?? Is Ricky Manaiky slacking or was there some interference from unknown hands?? Please Tan Sri Nadzmi, do something about it or we shall be like FAM or MHF... rotting and at the bottom.
But there are some good news like Fairuz Fauzi got 1st, Nicol David is in winning forms, bowling is getting better and in netball... Malaysia ada chance. Malaysia Boleh!
Flight AF447 that lost in the Atlantic.....they managed to recover about 40 bodies after more than a week. H1N1 is spreading and dengue is getting worse in KL and Selangor. Then the haze is back and so is the dry weather. Well Guys... our fore fathers had done a lot of damages to the nature in the disguise of development and we too are contributing to it. Can our future generations survive if these unbecoming characters being practice? We spoke too much on being Green.. taking care of mother nature but if you were to look around, the greedy bussinessmen are clearing the jungles...and without the flora and fauna...I wonder how my great great grand children were to live. Maybe they'll still survive but walking around with oxygen tanks... just like Razlin is when she is scuba diving.
What ever it is... as long as we abstain ourselves from destroying nature and always earn a living in a "proper' way, then God will be on our side.
Take care guys... and be happy always.
capt....yeah.. still lonely in KL.

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