Khamis, 19 Februari 2009

Celoteh Lee Hui Seng - Elizabeth Wong & FAMEMAS AGM

Hi all,

Thanks to Shafari for his comments on Elizabeth Wong and Famemas AGM. However, I like to add that the decision to send 'posted' club correspondence to my office/house was made some time back. When the club was formed way back in 2002, our correspondence address was at Samsung Office in Plaza Sentral because one of our Commiittee members then was a Samsung employee (Lilian). Now that she has left Samsung, and as you know we have no permanent clubhouse or Club Office (we are not a very rich club either:-),so the Committee decided to make my Office/House as the official correspondence.Any email correspondence goes to our club email: we are a NGO and purely volunteer driven (all of us are volunteers and have full time jobs), its only for logistics reason and convenience that we have decided likewise.

If anyone can suggest a better correspondence address such as our Patron or Advisor house,we shall be willing to hear such suggestions.

As for the nomination forms,we collate and shall pass them to the Speaker of the AGM to vet them before the meeting.So any doubts on the validity of the nomination form will be scrutinised by the Speaker and his team of two scrutineers, who will be appointed by the members at the AGM.

I hope I have cleared the air and avoid any misunderstanding that may arise.

Let's move the club forward for the betterment of sports and all.

And hope our members will turn up at AGM/EGM and participate.




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