Selasa, 24 Februari 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - AGM Famemas

Jason Thiang and Kepten Shafari

Dear all,

the Famemas EGM, AGM & CNY gathering was indeed a success. 54 attended and it was a happening, THANKS to Prof. Capt Dr Zaki, as Chairman who made the meeting to be a very informal type of AGM. Where all felt very comfortable and it was just like a gathering of a very big extended family. Only drawback was that many who were used to be active before..they did not turn up. Well.. life got to go on.. anyway.

I am in the committee now. To be frank I do not want it. As I’ve said earlier... I’ll be a better watch dog from outside as being an ordinary member. Well.. my sincere thank you to all of you who elected me ...but then I’ll write a formal letter to the club of my intention to step down. 

My reasons are:

1. Let the younger ones to be in the committee
2. The club is well managed and I think my presence wont be able to make it better (afraid that it will be worse with me around)
3. The club needs sponsors and I think those with strong connections with coporate bodies should be there.
4. I am quite a hot tempered man and if I cant get my way...I’ll hantam!! and may result in fist fights...hehehe kesian Lee.. with bruised eyes cos I got silat seribu langkah.. .(ca...but..lari) hehe
5. Most of the members are men... what a boring and dull meetings
6. I like traveling and my job provides me with that alot..and afraid that I cant come for meetings
6. She is a jealous type... with Yusnita around... then I cant live in peace...kah kah kah
7. OK.. OK .. actually I just do not want to be in the committee but I promise to give full support whenever the club needs it.

Yeah.... I am an ordinary member now and I hope the new committee/excos will bring the club to greater heights, greater success and an envy to all. Famemas BOLEH!!

Again Congrats to Slumdog Millionaire which won 7 Oscars. I feel sorry to Roshan Natao, the former BF of Frieda Pinto (Razlin’s twin). He was dumped after 6 yrs of courtship just because Frieda is now famous and rich... and I think I’ll walk the same path as Roshan... if she ever becomes a well known model... hehehe (To her.. sampai hati ke you untuk bertindak sedemikian... kita dah 5 tahun dah...hehehe and you are not like Frieda kan??) or is it that I was already being dumped.... sememang nya... kesian saya .. hehehe

To think over it... actually Famemas is a great club. We have Zuldean who manages the photos and IT part. Hadfiz.. the ever hard working and committed secretary. Lee.. ever energetic. David and Aneh... sacrificing for the club. That day... Dr Zaki proved to be a very capable man to replace the speaker of our parliament if PR comes to power. Nic, Keh, Brian, Khairul, Tok Moh, Yusnita and on and on.. I can name the whole list of them who really can work for the better of our club. So guys... please make our club a great organisation for all of us and for the better of Malaysian sports and games. Lets do it!! Kita BOLEH!! And not forgetting too... to those who did not turn up like Hoon, Lilian, Vanitha, Razlin, Philo, J Lo and so the list goes on... Famemas BOLEH!!

And I am looking forward for the trip to Singapore comes June. Let us prepare for it and make it the best ever gathering...and cheering ... FYI when were there in 2007, our presence was even discussed in their parliament... I watched it. They did not mentioned us or Malaysia but then they are trying to revive the Red Supporters.. used to be known during the old Malaysia Cup days. Let us all rock... in their own back yard. Show them that we are united..we are Malaysians. So better plan for this trip... and make it into a trip that we are to cherish it for many many years...(I got only a few more years kot... insyAllah)

I got to get serious in jogging. Hopefully I’ll be able to take up half marathon by this June for the KL marathon. I know that many Famemasians are good runners and I need some tips to get prepared for the run. Pls advise ok.

and Good Luck to those who are taking part in the Malaysian Iron Man at Langkawi this weekend. 

take care....


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