Khamis, 19 Februari 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Elizabeth Wong & AGM

Hello frens,

have you all see Elizabeth Wong’s (Selangor EXCO) “nude” photo? Aiyah.. she was taking a nap and since the air cond was not working... she naturally took off her panty and slept on the sofa... then someone came and took the photo. Nothing much to see cos it was really bushy... heheh for so much of fertiliser... heheh That’s what I saw... So what is all the fuss and *** demanded her to step down? what wrong has she done? Is sleeping without a panty is against the law?? Then the whole police force cant sleep at night...

YB Elizebath Wong... stay on as an EXCO and carry on with your job. Your only sin is your grass cutter might have forgotten to cut the growing bush... hehehe and to stop all the bickerings and what not.. call me and I dont mind to marry you if at all this might stop the *** guys from killing your political career. Call me YB. I am at your service. ( To her...dont worry.. you are still my NO.1!... it is only that I am taking up Aneh’s challenge that I cant get a Chinese GF).

Famemas AGM. First and foremost I am not happy with Lee...for submitting the nomination forms through fax to his house or office. THIS IS WRONG. The AGM could be called off.... Null & Void. Well I am not a lawyer but base on logic.. it is wrong. Am I right? Maybe Lee do not have any bad malice but then it could lead to negative speculations and may tarnish the club. 

Famemas members... please elect the ones that you believe that can contribute for the better of Famemas. To me..most of the present EXCOs should stay but need to change 2-3 committee members who are idle or only taking advantage for oneself... Me? I am out. I am only good in making noises... I’ll be a better watch dog from being outside of the committee. And I dont have much time either... cos she is becoming a big time model and I got to escort her... heheheh 

Thank you Maria for sending the article on Ang Mo Durian... gaviola tree.. Durian Belanda... soursoup... I really like the fruit and I’ll take more from now. FYI it is good for cancer patients... 

Guys... sometimes I feel like staying in one corner of the Antartic... away from all the hassle. I dont mind of the day to day life but the political scenario in Malaysia and the unsincerity of the politicins...let it be in *** semua sama...mostly they are fighting of their own agendas. Why cant we be like Singapore... at least the politicians there are highly qualified and they talk sense... they work for the nation and for all Singaporeans. 

And our economy is already in a very bad shape...but yet the politicians are saying that it is within control. I had a lengthy talk with my Fahteen (youngest daughter) yesterday...she needs more money now... cos things are getting more expensive. I’ve advised her to go for JPA scholarship cos her exam results are good...3 pointers ... it is just too much to maintain her high expenses... on studies and her other needs. Boy...during my days..I got only RM750 per month of being a 2nd Lieutenant but now.. that amount is still not enough for a student!! And if she were to have a car...then RM1500 pun tak cukup. 

Has anyone see Slumdog Millionaire? I’ll try to watch it this weekend. Well if she is in town...jom kita pergi tengok kembar you...Frieda Pinto.

OK.. let us all meet up in Wisma OCM this Saturday. If not for the EGM and AGM ..then come for the CNY gathering. I am hoping ...she will be there too.


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