Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - FAM & Perak

Dear friends,

So CNY came to an end yesterday with fire crackers. To me I always think of Chap Goh Mei as the last day of CNY and the time for the singles looking for his or her future beau by throwing oranges into the sea. Am I right on this belief? Pls correct me if I am wrong. Tq.

FAM... the same old story. The same excuses. Hello... hello the only wise thing to do is to change the President of FAM. He has been there since Malaysian football beginning to rot and he is still holding the fort when we are already in category D in Asia!! We are somewhere at the bottom most in Asia. My highness.. you have long overstayed. Please make way for new blood. Am I being derhaka? Let it be for the sake of  Malaysian football. Hello.. I only abide to God’s rulings (and that too I did go against them.. sometimes)

And pity Sathianathan and our taukeh Soh Chin Aun. They were booted out but the persons who are to be blamed for the fiasco are still there. Apa ini? Malaysia Boleh kah??? 

MU is leading the EPL standing now. And Fulham is not that bad. Sorry to all the misguided fans of Liverfools.. sorry guys. Well.. you can always try again next season and the next and the next... heheheh jangan marah ok.. Ole Ole Ole Ole MU Boleh... (syhhh.. I am taking the advantage when MU is still at the top..) I think MU will win at least 3 titles this season.. World Club, EPL and FA Cup. On Championship League... Inter Milan looks stronger. Hey..talking about predictions.. Slumdog Millionaire won 8 BAFTA awards!! I think I have that sixth sense.. and dont be surprised that Frieda Pinto’s twin sister will be seated just besides me for the Famemas’ CNY gathering...heheheh FYI she got no time to read this celoteh... itu sebab saya berani sikit.

It been quite sometime that I tak kacau my aneh. This aneh needs some cocok-cocok then only he’ll respond. I dont blame him but being old and a tends to be like that. But I really respect this Aneh.. he is both the mother and appa for his 2 children for so many many years. He sacrificed his life. He got not much time to enjoy himself. He is a TRUE FATHER! Well done and keep it up Mr Dorai. You are your children’s hero. If only you had gone for sex change... then I might propose ...hahahaha Yeeeyakkke!

Yeah.. time flies too fast. It is February now and again..Valentine day is fast approaching. So Aneh.. u kasi saya bunga.. saya kasi u bunga.. a deal ok.

And I forgot about Yusnita. Yus.. u sudah ada yang punya kah? Kalau belum pls sms to me ok....maybe we can have dinner at the kolam that I normally go fishing at. U suka pancing tak? ( dont worry Yus.. she is not reading this celoteh)...hehehehe

Ok guys.. take care and enjoy life. If I do hurt anyone of you... maaf ye.

Capt Shafari.

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