Selasa, 30 November 2010

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Macam-macam

Captain Snake

So our 16 passionate supporters are in Guangzhou now. Hope they'll enjoy their week long stay there and cheering hard for Malaysian athletes. Hope we'll get more than the targeted 9 golds. Malaysia Boleh!!

LCWei lost. It is fine to me cos it is already hard to beat Lin Dan.. and it is harder to do it in his den. To me, LCWei is like Lionel Messi... flair, skill, grace... and just nice to watch him play whereas.. Lin Dan is Drogba to me... robust, physical & all the dirty intimidating movements. And to some extent.. Lin Dan is like Ballack..'berlagak' .. show off type.

Sorry Razlin.. to drag your Ballack here...

Except for diving, badminton & cycling... the other medals that Malaysia won are from non Olympic games/sports like Wushu, Bowling, Squash, Billiard, Takraw and maybe Kabbadi. So..nothing great to show about. Whatever it is.. Congratulations to all the medal winners...irrespective of the colours. Maybe we should include congkak next time or hantu galah... heheh

So 2010 is nearing to the end. I thought I had just wished Happy Birthday to Si Dia and now I am looking forward to see my luck in 2011. Will she say something to me in 2011? Will she ask me for dinner? or for a movie? heheheh "Perigi mencari timba"... no it wont happen. She has that dignity and pride and more so... I am already an old stubborn man. But then... kalau hati sudah suka.... tidak kira tua atau muda..." hehehe.. Oh yeah... why must I still hope for something that is very unlikely to happen? Against all odds? Why? And then I just hope for miracles to happen cos I dont make any attempt? Well.. well.. I think I am a little crazy. As much as I wanted to.. but since there are so many factors that are against me... I just want it to be as it is. Syiok sendiri.... and mind you... it has been since 2003.

So to Si Dia... maafkan saya ok. Just cant help it and this has made me to go on with my life... as it is.

There is trouble in Chelsea. Ray Wilkin was dismissed and Ancelloti has started to show his displeasure. And as I see it.. a club should not be owned by an individual or of a smaller group of businessmen. It must be by many shareholders. Abrahamnovich is using his power to meddle with the club and thus created problems and leading Chelsea to lose a few matches. "Maybe he is selling a few games".. as what gamblers are seeing. And maybe it is good for EPL too cos there wont be any run away team...leading with many points. But then, it is not good for the sports though I might like it as I am not a Chelsea fan.

MU is getting back its momentum? Well.. MU is a sure team in EPL and in many Malaysian hearts too. Maybe you hate MU but the fact is ... it is the Greatest team on our planet. heheheh MU Boleh!

And surprises!! Bolton and Blackfool are among the top. Can they sustain it? And the season is still young... many more matches to be played. Congratulations to them. They are making EPL more lively.

Not bad for our hockey and football teams in GAG. They deserved some nice and kind words. And I hope they'll maintain the form if not improving on it.

Azizul Hasni Awang and Josiah.. 1-2 for Malaysia. Tahniah and the feat should be dedicated to the late Daud Ibrahim and ... alFatihah... the man, together with Joo Ngan who changed the cycling sport scenario in Malaysia.

MAHA.. an international level of agriculture products show is about to be unveiled this week at UPM. You guys better see it cos it is just interesting. Better bring along your umbrellas and put on Phua Chu Kang's yellow boots cos it is going to be a very wet show.

School holidays are back and students are sitting for SPM papers. I do like this cuti sekolah cos I can wake up a little late and yet arrive to office on time. Less traffic rush in the mornings. And made me less mad too.... and therefore lesser sins from the curses and tempers... heheh

Oh... the celoteh is getting too long.


capt...teringat dekat anak-anak yang tersayang. Love u ..Haikal, Amira and Fahteen.

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