Khamis, 4 November 2010

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - HAPPY DEEPAVALI & HISTORY

Salam 1 Malaysia!

Tomorrow is the Festival of Lights and Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu friends.

Memories SEA Games in Vietnam 2003

Well guys... let us divert our mind to sports now.

MU won in champions League. Spurs beat the Champions, Inter Milan 3-1. Wow... these are facts. maybe our kids will learn this too in their history classes.

And Nani scored a bizzare goal... against Spurs over the weekend. Well.. blame the referee then. Liverfool is still trying to get out of the relegation zone. She'll definitely can. But she cant overtake MU... not again this season and not in next season... But Congrats to Liverfool... at least they got a new owner now.

In MU.. paying 200,000 pound for a week to Rooney the looney... it is absurd..plain stupidity. If Wilshere was offered only 50,00 pound per week in Arsenal... then.. if I were to be Alex Ferguson... I'll have 4 Wilsheres than a lone Roo. But then Roo is good on bed huh... boleh suruh di jadi pelakun juga.... in Emmanuel popular series in 80s....

To those Famemasians going to Guangzhou Asian Gemes... cheer hard and enjoy the trip. Go and come back safely ok.

Ok .. till here. Got to back to work.

Happy Deepavali and Happy Weekend.

Take care

Capt... teringat anak gadis En Hafidz... si manis itu ada mirip si Dia. Tapi bila teringat si Dia...teringin pula nak beristeri lagi... hehehehe

tapi si Dia mungkin menyampah dengan si Aku ini... so, baiknya si Aku remain solo lagi.

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