Jumaat, 17 September 2010

Vocal Support for Malaysia Athletes - The Star

The members of the Kelab Famemas Kuala Lumpur and Selangor supporters’ group have named their next campaign as “GAG” (Guangzhou Asian Games) for the 16th Asian Games at Guangzhou in China.

The pun is intended as their catchy mission code in their aim to provide moral and vocal support to the national hopefuls featuring in the Games.

They do not want to be restrained from making their voices heard loud and clear.

The Club’s chairman Lee Hui Seng said about 20 members had indicated they are keen to be part of their eight-day outing at the games from 20-27.

“We have been making arrangements for the trip to China after the Thomas and Uber Cup final in Kuala Lumpur in May.

“It will be a totally different atmosphere throwing our support behind our athletes at major games. It also caters to our local supporters with interest in varios sports.

“We are encouraging other sports followers to join us for Asian Games,“ he added.

Following a strong representation of 100 supporters in the pack for the Busan Asian Gamess in 2002, only two staunch followers went to Doha in 2006.

For the regional SEA Games, they made their debut in Vietnam (2003) followed by another three outings at the biennial meet in the Philippines (2005), Thailand (2007) and Laos (2009).

At the upcoming Games, they are planning to engage in full-on action for six days with a break in between on Nov 23.

They are expected to witness the Malaysian entries in archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, bowling, diving, football, hockey, karate, rhythmic gymnastics, sepak takraw, squash and teakwando.

“We will be covering up to four sports a day. It will all depend on Malaysia’s involvement. We are hoping our athletes will stay in contention and give us the reason to cheer for them.

“We are working to obtain the ticket to get into the competition venues. It could turn out to be an easier stint compared to last year’s trip to Vientiane, Laos.

“Even if we do not get into the competition arena, we will be staying around the public areas to foster friendship with fans from other countries and make our presence felt in promoting Malaysia,” Lee Hui Seng said.

For the trip to Guangzhou, the cost of RM3.500 for each person includes retuns air ticket, visa application and ground arrangements.

For detail, call 012-3293378 (Lee Hui Seng).

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