Ahad, 19 September 2010

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Sabah

Captain Shafari

Salam to all,

Cuti raya is now over and most of us are back to our daily routine... and then we'll wait for another year for the next raya.

That's life huh. Year in and year out.. almost everything masih sama saja.... then we realize that we are old and had missed many things in our short and fast life. Yeah.. I missed the old raya songs, tadbir raya, sembahyang raya, duit raya and much more. These few years, I do not feel the oommpphh of raya as I do not listen much to the raya songs, tadbir raya and visiting relatives.

I arrived at my parents' house only at 6 pm on 1st raya and by 9.30 pm on 3rd raya... I am off to Sabah. I didnt have much time to spend with my nephews and nieces, my parents and my siblings. Yeah.. I missed those moments... the laughters and cries, the shoutings and teasings... and the food. I hope I'll be able to spend more time next raya. Semoga panjang umur.

Anyway to make up with those lost times... I do meet up with our long lost cousins at Sepilok rehabilation centre... the orang utans. We were quite lucky to get to view 5 of them during their feeding time. Kesian to them.... as human are croaching into their habitat in the disguise of development. We humans are actually being greedy. Yeah... thousands and thousands of hectares of jungles are cleared for timber and for palm oil plantations. It is ringgits that we are thinking off at the expense of nature. So guys... dont be surprised that we too might face the floods as in Pakistan or/and the droughts as in Somalia or China. Be prepared for these catasthropes.....

And I get to know the Bajaus too. They are just similar to the Malays... suka lepak, not inquisitive enough... and a very far difference from the Dusuns and Chinese. My sincere apologies to the Bajaus and Malays but that is my opinion. They believe in Bomohs, lintasan, saka and all the devils... Manchester United is also included. heheh

But they are soft spoken, humble and living within their community. But their houses are not properly kept... berterabur... berselerak...

and they cut their nails (toe and finger) too short and deep into the toes/fingers.. thus they have bigger and rounded toes!! I dont like to see them.... (the toes I mean) and the elders still chewing tobacco! Old women have red teeth and even 1 lady Guru Besar is doing this! Sorry... but I just wonder... with the red and black do they make love? And making love without kisses and oral sex... then it is incomplete. No.. I cant do it! Oopps... please dont get me wrong...I mean that I wont even attempt for it...just tak boleh.

And Sabah... there are still many good things about the state. It is still beautiful and quite natural too. I saw the magnificient Mount Kinabalu from Kundansang-Ranau road and I am very frank to say that I was really missing her at those moments...just wishing that she was by my side. entah much as I tried to forget her (as my chances is very slim) but my inner feelings masih kuat terhadap si Dia. Mengapa ye? Dah bertahun-tahun dah....

Ok. Now lets talk about her. Should I propose to her? And knowingly that there are better men after her and therefore chances of being rejected is very obvious and... may be I can accept it...but then... sudah pasti hati terluka teramat sangat.... ahhhh... Ok..let it as it is...

So many Sabahans are just like many other Malaysians who have lost their confidence in BeeAnn. Hope they show it in their ballot papers.

and from t'row... it is work and work and work.

Ok then guys... Selamat menjalankan tugas harian mu.

To her... it is OK if you do not think of me but... I do think of you alot and pls bear with it ok.



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