Selasa, 7 September 2010

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - SELAMAT HARI RAYA

Captain Shafari.

Salam to all,

Hari Raya is just just 3 days away. And so is fasting.... but I am yet to get a call from her for our berbuka puasa bersama. Kesian Kapten... menunggu buah yang tidak gugur. Harapan yang hanya tinggal harapan saja... To her, it is OK... kalau ada jodoh... mungkin tahun hadapan kita berbuka bersama kan?

Oh... yesterday I realised that my children really care for their old man. They are expecting that their not so handsome father must dress properly... like all the coporate figures... huh huh... though I am only a keparat kot. Yeah.. any children would wanted that for their parents but then my anak-anak took me to a boutique and chose a baju Melayu for me! Of cos I had to pay for it but then... their intention to make me to look good... it is just nice... I felt that I am being taken care off. Thank you Haikal, Amira & Fahteen... may Allah bless you all at all times. Love you.

And they also hope that their father to settle down soon... and they gave their tumbs up for RD. heheheh Well... they know her through Facebook and Famemas. So to her... dont worry... cos your anak-anak tiri are all for the good of it... heheheh

To her... pls jangan marah ok... nanti kurang pahala puasa you.

This Raya... I'll be back to Jasin, Melaka only after distributing Raya food. Then on 12 Sept... I am off for a 4 day tour of Sabah. I'll be back only on 18 Sept. I'll be meeting up with Tok Moh at Taun Gusi... a kampung on the way to Kudat from Kota Belud. He is visiting his son-in-laws parents.

And my parents used to say... that the coming Raya could be the last raya with all of us. yeah... we can never know our fate.... we might be healthy today but for tomorrow... we can only hope and pray hard that we would be better. So is too short. So..make full use of it.

Famemas members,

I just want to highlight to all of you. Your EXCOs are really doing their job. I've seen how Mr Lee, En Hafidz, Mr Dorai and others... they just approached Ministers, VVIPs and the office bearers of OCM, MSN and KBS to convince and to make them to realise that Famemas need to be in Ghaongzou for the Asian Games. Are our EXCOs being paid? No members... not at all. They just do it for the sake of the club. They sacrifice their valuable time and money for the sake of Famemas. So guys... lets give them a big clap... and Thank you EXCOs... may the Almighty bless you and reward you in kinds. TERIMA KASIH EXCOs!

EPL? I just hate the break. Just started and there is this break for the Euro preliminary rounds. Aiyah... baru nak stim...

The results from the few matches showed the amazing gap between the top clubs and the bottom half. We have seen a few score line of 6-0s. This might be good to watch but it wont be good for EPL as predictions will most likely to be true and thus there wont be much excitement. And Ballack is now history in EPL. Bye..bye Ballack. Bye bye Robinho. Adebayour? He is on his way out too. So.. those players who think that they are smart...they got their own medicine. They deserved it. the reality in life is that.. kita tak boleh cakap besar.

ok guys... I am sleepy now. Got to say Good nite.

And Razlin.... you kahwin lah cepat cos I wont menaruh harapan lagi. Hope I am not crazy. heheh


Famemas BOLEH!

capt... berpuasa walaupun selalu terlepas sahur but my waist length belum kendur lagi.

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