Jumaat, 9 Julai 2010

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - World Cup

Captain Shafari.

2010 World Cup is coming to an end. Holland to meet Spain in the Final.

Oranje VS Matadors.. and i'll take Oranje.

German sudah kalah.

She was rooting for Germany. So my chances of being her man in the shining armour is getting slimmer... but then as long as there is a chance... there is still an opportunity. And mind you, I am not giving up yet. I've been keeping low but my will and determination is still as strong as the marauding typhoon or the thumping ocean waves. Yeah... saya Boleh!

Sudah lama kita tak bersua... atau berjumpa untuk bersorak bersama... sometimes I do feel of missing u all... to shout together and making fun of one another or just to chat.. maybe the coming squash session at the Curve will meet us up since we are not going to JB this weekend. Or why cant we just meet for the World Cup final match on this Sunday or Monday morning... Spain vs Holland?

Kereta, juga MPV. This is the tag line for Alza of Perodua. The wordings is one of the Best! in same league with Nike-Just Do It! Air Asia-Now everyone can fly. What I am trying to say is that with correct words... one can capture the world's attention. So I am trying to find that missing words to melt down her heart. So kawan-kawan... if you do have... pls tell me ok. heheh

Back to the world cup, my ED, a lady about 30 something went to witness a few matches in South Africa. She went to Euro '08 and the previous world cup too. I wished I could have been there too. Well.. I can understand her feelings... as I was in Athens for the 2004 Olympics. It is a fiesta/carnival and whatever it is... it is a party time. The people loves it and every body just joined the fun. Banyak syiok lor.... So why not we plan for 2014 World Cup? Lets plan from now. My ED spent RM25K for her trip. So we must start saving about RM520 per month from now.

Ok guys... got to work.

till next Celoteh... take care and enjoy the weekend. And pls cheer for Holland. Oranje Boleh!

If I were her... I'll support Holland too cos it is Germany's neighbour. Bye...bye... Ballack. heheheh

capt...masih teringatkan si dia.

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