Sabtu, 20 Mac 2010

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - SPORTS & POLITICS

Captain Shafari in Sea Games Vietnam 2003.

So long I didnt write... maybe getting rusty nowadays... but then my writings were neither good too.
Salam sejahtera friends.
Most of us met in late 2003 and it has been almost 7 years now. Kalau kahwin.. anak sudah darjah 1 lorr...... and if we were to think of raising a child... then these 7 years had been very very hectic... but when it come to do things that we like... then 7 years is like travelling in a bullet train. Betul kah? Well I've never been in one. Just imagining about it.
In BAM, Gangga Rao and Datuk Nadzmi are at logger heads. Datuk had gone to Germany for medical treatment. Many months back he divorced his wife... then he got stroke... Well, he is experiencing a bad patch of his life now. I know him.. very little of him. A friend of mine was his classmate when they were studying in Kelantan. A very determined, pious and no nonsense man. He had done pretty well when he was the MD of Proton...during the infancy years. And I do have high respect for him. So guys... let us pray for this guy who had also done  alot to our badminton. The turmoil in BAM... heard that someone is trying to kill him off in BAM. But then.. may be that he is overstaying in BAM, been too long there. BAM may need fresh leadership. However, just like in Proton, when Datuk Nadzmi left... Proton almost went down too.. and now he is the Chairman of Proton.. and we can see that Proton is getting better.  So.. it could be same in BAM.
Sometimes in life... one who is is very truthful and sincere will be the victim to the gullible and over ambitious politician or businessman. These types of politicians... I think almost all of them in Malaysia.. they made use of "good" people for their gains. There are opportunists...parasites of the highest order.. and their beliefs is that there wont be any "next world'.. life after death. To them they are invincibles...they are immortals. Well.. I can only hope that our beloved Malaysia wont be the next Zimbabwe.. or Somalia or North Korea. We must use our rights to ensure that Malaysia still remains our sweetest home now, for tomorrow and forever. So guys.... do not simply decide who you are going to vote but then you must know thouroughly what type of a leader that you are going to vote. I am reminding you all now though election is 2-3 years away but then you all must start to evaluate now... see the true things now... so that we wont feel that we are being cheated later.
In Champions League... MU is to face Bayern Munich and Arsenal against Barcelona. Sure to be very interesting. So Razlin... your handsome Gunners are sure to lose to the defending Champions.  Sorry Raz. U better cheer for MU now cos your Ballack is also history. 
In Europa League... the two fools from EPL... Liverfool and Foolham are still in the run. Good for EPL. And at least all Liverfooldians can still walk with their noses high up in the air. Hi Hi Hi.. I just cant understand these misguided fans of Liverfools... They just love to dream...year in and year out. They just love to live in the 70s!  Hello friends... wake up please... it is 2010 now. Please live in reality.
Nowadays.. I am living in a very monotonous life... work, fish, sudoku, sleep, work.... and on and on... almost the same everyday. Sometimes the feeling of boredom do creep into me. But I have to live with it. Every time I am on yahoo... I saw her name. I wanted to chat with her... or message her but then... I just do not want to bother her. Maybe that I am afraid that she did not reciprocate  or she'll brush me aside and then I might feel down..tapi kalau tak cuba, kita tak akan tahu.. right??  I must try the next time. Who knows...nasib si batu akan timbul. hihihih
Ok guys... masa untuk pergi memancing sudah pun tiba. Hope to reel in a few over 2 kilos groupers or basses or sappers today. Wish me luck friends... I need them. Thank you.
capt....rindukan si dia... YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

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