Rabu, 31 Mac 2010


Captain Shafari.

Dear all,

Singaporeans are known to believe 5 Ks..

Kiasu = Scared of losing
Kiasi = Scared of death
Kiabor = Scared of wife
Kiabuh = Scared of having nothing
Kiachenghu = Scared of government

But I only believe in 2 Ks i.e. KiaMUsu and KiasuHer

and today both became reality...unfortunately both were against to what I was hoping for. KiaMUsu...MU lost to Bayern Munich ... 1-2
KiasuHer...yesterday I messaged her and today... her name is gone!

But I got my third K... Kesian saya....

What to do... life got to go on....

So there were suicide bombings in Moscow. What the heck are these so called freedom fighters are doing? Why kill the innocents? No religious teachings will teach their followers to do such an act... NO, NOT AT ALL!!

But then, these people got their own agendas where we are unable to understand. When the late Dr Azahari and Nordin Mat Top were bombings US targets in Indonesia, from what I knew they were trying to delay or to stop the preachings of Christianity in Indonesia and could also be to revenge on the invasion of Americans into Iraq. These bombings are considered as "poor men's battle". They cant fight with the might of the Western but to inflict physcological damage to the locals and also to high light to the media that there are people who oppose what ever the super powers are doing... meaning... to put some resistance.

And I think it is good for Malaysian politics when Datuk Chua Soi Lek won the MCA presidency. Congrats to him. May be some of you do not like it but so what if he was caught having extra marital affair. It shows that MCA concern more on one's leadership capability rather than one's infidelity. When MCA proved that there were matured lots...

Azizul got Silver again. Tahniah Azizul! and Tahniah to MNCF! And I believe he is The World's Champion in the making. 2012 Olympics... 2 gold medals from Azizul!!

And there is another gold from Dato LCWei? Yup... he is another potential.

And Famemas to witness these historic occasions in London?? Why not! So you all better pray hard, cheer hard and be active in all Famemas events. Jom... lets go to see the Queen in 2012.

GTG. banyak kerja yang belum selesai.

Till next time... take care and enjoy life.


Capt... still KiasuHer

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