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Laos Sea Games 02: Selamat Pulang - Kepten Shafari

Kepten Shafari

Dear all,

Selamat Pulang!

yeah.. all of us, 11 Famemasians managed to get their way back to Malaysia... to home sweet home. The other 1...who separated from us on the 3rd day...went MIA (missing in action). I think she would have been back by now.

Lee went back alone.. direct from Vientiane on Saturday. The rest got to go to Udon Thani to catch the plane to Bangkok. From Bangkok Jason, David, Zakariah, Dorai and his daughter took the flight on Saturday's night to KL. Nurdin, Hafidz, Tok Moh, Zuldean and myself spent the night in Bangkok. We arrived at LCCT only at 2am today (Monday).

6 of us got flu... Lee, Kathrine, Janissa, Dorai, Hafidz, Zakariah and myself. Hafidz and I are still having it. Dont worry... it is not H1N1 type...

I believed this is the best show by Famemasians so far. Though small but we created history;
  1. The Excos did everything from the planning stage till this morning.. when everyone is back in KLIA.
  2. We are now being fully recognised by the sports ministry people... from the Minister, deputy ministers to all the other officials.
  3. We shouted our lungs out till Malaysia won the women's team badminton...after 34 years!
  4. We danced, we shouted, we waved our flags and we did everything to ensure that Malaysia won Gold in men's football...after 20 years! And we won in style...about 250 Malaysian supporters against 25000 Vietnamese and Laotians combined. 
  5. Our cheer for the 1st gold in silat brought inspiration for others that made Malaysia to win 3 more golds
  6. No tour guide...we had our own... Cikgu Nordin to guide us. He knew Vientiane better than the van driver
  7. All of us had to share the beds... 2 to a bed. Hopefully there wont be any SODO MEE cases after this.
  8. Tok Moh fainted twice on the field... after women's badminton team final and after the soccer final.
  9. We had to walk...between 5 to 10 km per day...from 1 venue to another within the national sports complex cos our van got no official sticker though all of us were issued with Sea Games official accreditation card each..
  10. We were highly demanded... Boxing, badminton, swimming, petanque, shooting and almost all sports invited us to cheer their players.
  11. Datuk Saberi, Dato Razali, Dato Wee, Dato Zulkifli Embong, Chef de Mission.. they all joined us in the cheer ... by joining us at our place.
  12. We were invited by Dato Razali for dinner together with the press members and UMNO Youth leaders... and he personally cheered... "Famemas Boleh" at the end of the function.
  13. We were told to prepare for the Asian Games in 2010.
  14. Mr Lee became an illegal human trafficker... by bringing in many Laotians disguised in Famemas T shirts to get into the stadium to cheer for Malaysia during the football final and also for the closing ceremony.
  15. Famemas held an inpromptu concert after the soccer final. We rapped, we danced, we sang...we played bangra songs.. Dorai nyanyi lagu the delights of the many Laotians.
  16. Many, many more.... like rubbing shoulders with the Minister, his deputies and other officials. And I managed to put my leg out and tripped a thief.. he fell and was then caught by a policeman. this happened at the entrance of the morning market. He tried to steal a compact speaker... later I regretted... kesian dia. He is sure to get a very harsh punishment.. knowing it is a communist country.

Our target was for 30 to 35 golds. So we achieved more than that...40. All Malaysians must be happy then.

About Vientiane...a very peaceful place, slow moving, with nice people. many food but for Muslims... susah sikit... only a few outlets that serve halal food. So Razlin... we kena strike out this city as our honeymoon destination... and tak ada laut for u to dive too... heheh

Quite dusty cos the constructions of roads are still going on. And many beautiful girls... and most look younger than their age. The highest building is Don Chan Palace Hotel...10 storey hotel that belongs to a Malaysian. Vehicles' speed is just like in Vietnam... slow... we didnt see any accident or dented vehicles. Unlike Ho Chi Minh... fewer motorbikes on roads. Many, many 4 WD station wagons.

and Hidup Famemas!

My BIG Thank you to the Excos for making this trip a VERY successful one. My apologies to who ever I've argued or quarreled with. Halalkan apa-apa yang saya telah terminum atau termakan. And... I was not even being naughty throughout the 9 day stay. Dont worry Razlin...I am beginning to change for the better...heheh

But whatever it is... it is just nice to be back home and still happy to face with the many work loads that needed to attend to.

Malaysia Boleh!!


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