Jumaat, 11 Disember 2009

Laos Sea Games - Kepten Shafari

Dear all,
From tomorrow till 19 Dec, 12 of us shall be on Laos supporting Malaysian athletes. Most of us just do it for the sake of doing it, may be for the country, may be to release tension, may be for the fun of being in a group, may be hoping that other Malaysians would notice us and could be too....laying the path for the future cheer groups. To me, I just want to do it.. part of you all and cheer for Malaysians... it is just giving back something to the society. At 50 something, having grey hair and big belly...with faces painted and dancing and is sure that my children might feel embarrass to see their father behaving in a very funny way. But then I hope they do understand my intention. So my dearest Haikal, Amira and Fahteen...please understand... as you are aware... I am a fighter in my own way. I do believe in true justice, I believe in fighting for it, I believe in the future Malaysians can feel proud of having parents whose believe in being true Malaysians and keeping up with Ole ole ole ole ole Malaysia Boleh!
So Dorai's daughter is coming along. Bravo Dorai!! My children, they have their own itinerary.. my son just into work, Amira just finished her studies and looking for a job in Germany and Fahteen... holidaying with her kakis in Langkawi. If only either 1 of them could follow me... then the tradition is being passed.
Oh yeah... I might be a loyal Malaysian but for the future of my kids... I encouraged them to work overseas... built up their value there, gain alot of new technologies and then come back and serve in Malaysia.
THANK YOU to our very dedicated, berinitiatif tinggi, true photographer.. En Zuldean. Syabas Tuan. Dengan memainkan kembali video-video Famemas di Vietnam... ia telah memainkan sentimen semangat berpasukan. Kalaulah trip ke Laos ini dapat mengumpulkan 40-80 penyokong yang penuh berdedikasi... oh... alangnya baik sekali. However with 12 of us... we still can do it!! Famemas BOLEH!!
And a big THANK YOU too, to the Excos who have gone the length to prepare this trip and making it a great success. I believe it is going to be a great trip. Remember Famemasians, this time around the Excos did everything by themselves.... no advertising agents, no management agencies and with almost NO sponsors... yang ada tu cuma kecil-kecilan tapi penting juga. Syabas Excos. 
So Famemasians, please pray for our safe journey with no untoward incidents or bad behaviour on our part. No matter where ever you are and whatever you are doing, you are all part of us.... members of Famemas. We shall carry the flag and the name of Famemas at all times in Laos. Famemas Boleh.
Yeah.. I am going to miss someone very dear.... si Dia. U take care ok. I'll try not to be over naughty while I am there.
Till we meet after 20th Dec... enjoy yourselves and watch us on TVs and the papers.

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