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Kathryn wants to be heard

Cheering Them On: Supporter travelling to Laos.

KUALA LUMPUR: For Tan Wan Nee, aka Kathryn to friends and relatives, "one" is not a lonely number. She is the only female going to the Laos Sea Games in the 12-member team of the Malaysian Supporters Club (Famemas) — a non-government organisation.

Yet she hopes to be the catalyst in the company of male colleagues, hoping to make her pres- Collectively, Famemas hope Malaysian athletes would win medals and make Malaysia She has travelled extensively and her destinations included Bangkok, Bandung, Christchurch, Melbourne and Paris.

However, this will be the first time she's going to Vientianne and her mission is of a different kind.

"I have been to many parts of the world either on vacations or on business trips but Laos is something special, to support the Malaysian teams. Our tasks will be challenging.

"I am not worried about being the only woman as we are one big happy family. I can assure you my lack of vocal power will not be an obstacle."

Simultaneously, she gestured that actions speak louder than words. That is the magic of being the 'rose among the thorns'.

A member of Famemas since 2005, Kathryn has never participated in any of the Games carnival that her colleagues have attended.

She said that it is was high time she started 'making noise' rather than being inactive all this while.

Malay Mail

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