Rabu, 18 November 2009

Celoteh Mr. Lee - Lets go south 2009

Mr. Lee Hui Seng

Hi all...

Yes..if you have seen the movie '10' starring Bo Derek in the 80s.. then you will know that the number '10' means 'perfection' and we '10' will attempt to cheer to 'perfection'. haha... whatever shortfall we have in terms of voices...we will attempt to make up by way of instruments eg drums adn kompangs... so hopefully Capt will bring his extra large drum and attampt to smuggle into Stadium Sentral Laos

Lee Chong Wei.. well I have a different thought here.. why did he announce that he is not going to Laos when the target of the team is to win at least 2 gold medals with him on board... is it money that motivates a man (he took part in HK Open/China Open/Super Series Finals in JB)... or should a person save his strength and let the nation consume glory and national pride... we all know that SEA Games has no prize money..there is no money to play for except national pride and glory.

After all he has not won a single SEA Games title and the likes of Taufik, Boonsak, Nguyen Thin Minh and Sony Dwi Kuncoro will be there. Super Series titles can be won every other week and he has won 5 Super Series Titles this year alone.... SEA Games may be only South East East Asia tsandard but the nation places SEA Games glory and pride more than anything alse..

JB Super Series Masters Finals.. a few of us EXCO may not be going due to a Press Conference for our Laos SEA Games mission, which has been planned for 5th Dec 2009 at 4pm at Cobra Club, Jalan Utara PJ... so all are invited to attend. However BAM is giving us 5 ticket vouchers for the duration of the tournament from 4 to 6 Dec 2009.The logistics of travelling south shall be at own expense

Thanks and c u on 5th for the Press Con.


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