Rabu, 4 November 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Sudah Potong?

Hello guys.... selamat ketemu kembali...whether u like it or not....heheh..
My celoteh is like "petai"... some may like it, some just hate it and others...just treat it like TV advertisements... What ever... I take it that this is the place where I let loose my inner stress...

MU lost to Liverfools but Arsenal and another fool...Fulham..took the revenge and taught a lesson to Benitez men! and if Liverfools were to lose to Lyon tonight... Bye bye Rafa... bye bye Liverfools.... yeah...yeah.. yeah... I just hate "Never Walk Alone"s team. Nama pun very pelik... Agger, Kuyt, Ben ayoun, Reina, Degen, Bebel.... the whole team got funny names...and just how many English are there ..only 3... Caragger, Johnson and Gerrad.

My apologies to Liverfooldians...or the Kopies....hehehe..Kops..

Yeah.. yeah... yeah... last Sunday's Clove of Sunday Star... ada gambar yang terlalu cantik sehingga tergamam nya saya.... Frieda Pinto... kembar nya our Razlin. I think most men , especially Asians...would admire that photo too... If only I were to be as handsome as Dev Patel or Ballack.... 100% sure that i'll get either one of them...hehehe .... But then God has a different script for me.

And talking about matching of partners.. when I was in my secondary class mates did match me with a girl whom I really disliked. Of course I felt embarrased and wished that the girl did not exist at all. When ever they teased me... I just cant take it.. like "geram... malu ... and eiyyak!! The worse.. is that... she liked it very much of the teasings. Well... she grew up to be a very succesful "Director of Sales' of a 6 star international hotel! and the last time I met her... about 5 years back...she looked more like a 30 something very 'polished' woman. and NO.. I dont regret but I take that our CREATOR has his own way of doing things. So...guys.. we should not look down on anyone cos we are all the same in the eyes of the Almighty.

Lately... many NGOs, women politicians and women in the streets are complaining about the advert on "Sudah Potong?" by wimax. They said there are some vulgarities. Well...well... cant they just realise that they are the ones who are imagining the advert being vulgar. I've seen and heard many times... if you think 'straight'...there's nothing bad about it. anyway arent advertisements meant to be attract listeners and viewers??? The late Jasmin Ahmad might be a very angry "guy' on hearing this.

by the way.. according to Star and Sun papers (Monday's edition).. from years of research on HIV... men who had "potong" (circumcised) are less likely to get HIV. So.. sudah potong? advert could well be "killing 2 birds with a single stone". Come on women... please take care of the house chores, your children... rather than wasting your precious time in putting your nose on something else that you least know about. Women huh???

On 31 Oct, a few of us cheered for KL dragons at MABA stadium. It was worth our effort cos it was a photocopy of the womens' basketball finals at Korat Sea games. I think most of us still remember those moments when we won by a single point after extra time. The only difference at KL was that it did not go to extra time but... KL won by a point!! Tok Moh, Aneh and the whole stadium really rocked the stadium and the effort paid off. Congratulations Famemas...

lastly... to Famemas EXCOs... please make your decision... How much are we to pay to be in Laos cheering for Malaysia during the SEA Games? Is it RM500 or RM800 or RM2800? I really want to be part of it if it is RM500!

Ok guys... thats it for this session. And to her... and others too...please be active in Famemas. Hope to meet you all during the BWF Final Masters in KL on early Dec. Jumpa di sana!!!

thank you... and Salam.

Capt... PJ.

p/s: Now...go back to your work... you have ponteng enough.

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