Rabu, 18 November 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Lets go south 2009

Kepten Shafari

Hello frens,

10... just 10 of us are going to represent Malaysia's 23 millions to support for Malaysian contigent in the coming Sea Games.. that makes.. 0.0000434%. Kesian kan. But then... in Korat, we had 40 and the Thais..about 4500 of them in the stadium during the women's final basketball.. and yet we won. So .. size doesnt matter... it is the quality... just like Asians 'punya' compared to the Mat Sallehs but yet Asians produce more humans.... heheh..

Anyway... the 10 of us shall proof to all Malaysians that we are the capable lots... boleh diharapkan though our average age is over 40.... heheh... so can be considered that I am just over 40!! Not that old... huh ..Razlin? I wonder what the younger ones... how passionate they are towards Malaysian sports? Do you all think that the Sea games is being fixed?? Well... we must remember that even some EPL games were fixed... remember during Bruce Grobellar's era?? ... the Liverfool custodian from South Africa?? To me... may be some but not all.....

The thing that I dont like is like the case of BAM... why must Lee Chong Wei or Hafiz and the gang must be allowed to take part?? Sea Games is meant to gauge /to find /to groom up and coming players/athelete. Why must an established word class player taking part?. I just cant accept it!! Is Sea Games meant to 'dapat nama' only?? Thats the reason why South East Asian nations are all lagging behind in the world's stage.

On the basketball league... KL Dragons was beaten by Phillipines Patriots... though 14 Famemasians were there to cheer. I was outstation then. Did KL Dragons lose because I was not there? heheheh jangan marah Aneh.

And frens... let us plan to go to JB for the Badminton Masters Finals... It is 5 and 6 Dec. About 10 members from JB are planning to bring kompangs, drums etc... Their leader is none other than Sayed... the botak lawyer. I think many of us still remember him. Maybe we can drive there in 2-3 cars. Tolls and petrol will cost about RM220 per car. Lodging with breakfast is about RM100 for 2 paxs. So that amounts to RM105 per pax. I think it is enough for a budget of RM200 per head... but the Excos must arrange free tickets for us.

I think JB indoor stadium would be packed to the brim and the last time we were there..we managed to organise the mexican waves, we cheered and the Johoreans just liked our cheer leading. LET US GO SOUTH!!

Razlin... kalau u datang kan.... wulawei!!... pasti I berenang di selat Johor .. somewhere in Stulang in broad day light.... 'the climax of thankfulness"...hehehe

So guys... let us sama-sama ensure that Famemas is very much alive and only our presence in most sports events will tell the country that we are the passionate people.. we believe in giving back to the society what we are good at... CHEER FOR MALAYSIA!

So... chao... kita jumpa di JB!


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