Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - My Feellings

Dear all,

hope still not too late.... belated... HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all my Indian friends. Not that I forgot about it but then... I was just too busy and my lap top went kaput. Anyway my dearest Aneh is not celebrating.... that made me to "relax' but then there are many other Famemas members who are celebrating Deepavali too.... so very sorry guys... for being late in wishing you all.

Oh yeah... about the festival of light... to me it lighting up one's life... giving hope and maintaining one's positive desire... till its pinnacle. In other words.. pushing/encouraging people to gain success and happiness. Well, thats what I think about the inner meaning of Deepavali.

On 11 Oct I attended my son's convo together with my ex wife. She looked more like a Mak Datin... her dress and her style. I did not realised that she has changed alot....being more modern and '"... banyak cakap type. After 11 years of being a single mother..and 50 something.. she still possess that "willing to fight to the last drop of blood". And the way I see it...she is dominating our son's life.... very much an over protective mother. To our 2 girls... she is more relax.... thats why they are much closer to me....very-very manja ....

If we were still married, 10 Oct 2009 would then be our 27th anniversary. But... I just cant figure out of reconciliation... cos it is just like reversing my life... whereas we should be going forward. And she still visits my parents back at my parents home... especially during Rayas. All my adik beradiks still address her as Kak Ngah... But then I just cant think about going back to her... I just cant!! It is not the factor of ego or revenge or what else... I just do not have that feelings for her. May be it is because that we have free access to our 3 children and we can talk and discuss things; in fact we can do whatever we feel like doing... only that we dont sleep together....

Oh... it is like writing to "Dear Telma"; the Sunday Star's column. Well guys... if you do have any advice or suggesstions or what ever it is... pls do so ok. I'll take it with an open heart.

Laos Sea Games... If you can afford it... you'll better go. Though backwards but it is worth seeing the country.... and support the Malaysians there. I am not sure... but trying my very best to be among those going... with or without sponsors. Malaysia Boleh!!

Again I am proposing ...if more than 10 are going then.. we should go to Terendak camp in Malacca to practice the war dance from the commandos. This dance might be a hit amongst the Laotians and the sports people of Asean. I am wiling to arrange for that 2 day stay in Camp Terendak.

Tapi... kalau SI DIA pergi... macam mana pun saya akan pergi. Oh yeah... Laos is a land locked country right... and no place for scuba diving??

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