Selasa, 6 Oktober 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Bowling Raya

Dear all,

We had some fun last Saturday. The food was ok but then almost the same old faces.... except for 2 ladies... Joanne and "the bowling princess'-mata biru.

Yang mendiamkan atau menjauhkan diri pun ramai... and since it was a raya gathering... i think it was not a good idea of not joining the function... cos it is celebrated only once a year. Last year we were in baju Melayu... not many turned up and this year... it was casual, tapi yang datang pun segelintir sahaja. So, the conclusion is that most of you are not interested especially when there is no free trips for SEA Games. I bet if the EXCOs were to tell that the gathering will be part of criterias for the selection of free trip to Laos Sea games.. then pasti ramai yang datang.... and please dont tell me that most of you were busy on that day.

Oooppps... sorry. Just got carried away... out of frustration. Maybe because she didnt turn up too.

About the Laos trip... I wont be going if I were to top up for more than RM800. But then I heard that a few are going even if they were to spend RM2800!! That's should be the spirit of Malaysia Boleh! Famemas Boleh! To them... I salute you all. And a few too are willing to sacrifice for RM1500!! Tahniah... semangat jitu atas nama "die hard supporters".

Or rather than going to Laos, shall we donate to the victims of earthquakes in Padang, the floods victims of Manila, the typhoon survivors of Vietnam or those whose houses, properties or loved ones being washed away during the Tsunami in American Samoa?? Well... Famemasians... we have to do something about those tragedies... something in the name of "caring for others". Just think about it guys.... and we always think tragedies struck others and not us... but what'll happen if it were to be "us" next time???

So Azizul won 2 golds and a silver in Columbia. Congratulations to him & to MNCF too. When we were in Korat , I did say something bad to Dato Naim.. condemning MNCF but Beasley has done wonders to the track cyslists. Is road racing next?? We, as Malaysians really want a pure world champion in the same manners like Dato Nicol David and Dato Lee Chong Wei. Kalau boleh lah....a team sports like football....heheheh.. I'll die and reborn again and again...pun belum boleh menang dengan Korea atau Jepun as long as that man is in FAM. Or yes.... may be he'll die first...then our ranking might go up.

Chelsea won against Liverfool. Well guys.. I almost cheered for the fools cos I just dont like that Abrahamnovic and I hate ...really hate Ballack! Why not? Isnt she adore him?? Emmmmnh.. kalau Ballack datang Malaysia... pasti muka nya kena toreh... so that he is no more as handsome as he is now... hehehe no lah... cos I still believe in "the best man wins".

Hari Raya is almost over... and for some, it was over. What ever it is... "SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI & maaf zahir dan batin to all Muslims... especially to;
Razlin.... kerana saya sering kali menganggu you.

and till next time.... I'll hope for the opposition to win in Bagan Pinang. (Razlin.. please pangkah .... ok... otherwise you'll fail..hehe)

take care folks.

Capt... Dataran Prima... tengah ponteng kerja ni.

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