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Coloteh Kepten Shafari

Celoteh Kepten Shafari

Hello guys,

Suddenly I have the feelings that all of you are boycotting my celoteh. There was not a single response to my last celoteh...though I wrote that I need some advice. My staunch 'enemy no. 1', that guy (Aneh) from Timbuktu too didnt write back. Hey... what is happening guys? Do you all feel pity for her? Or are most of you are into politics now...busy with the weekly vigils of abolishing ISA? Or are you all preparing for the worst scenario to be faced of this uncertain economic future? Or are you all very busy preparing for the MSIG Sudoku competition this Saturday?

To me it is all OK. Yeah my OK.... Olga Kurylenko.. the latest Bond girl. She is the sexiest among all the bond girls. She is of my taste. This is one actress that I like to dream of having as my partner...especially during the present rainy nights. She is even better than my former dream girl; Siti Nurhaliza. OK is the perfect girl...oh..only the look..about the heart and soul...I wouldnt know. But "her", I know to some extent... she is STILL my real bond girl... my hp no. ends in 007 mah.. hehehe

MU scored 5 past helpless Stoke City and Arsenal lost to Aston Villa. Both the "fools" won, against Spurs and Bolton. (sorry..just cant help it..) Sarjit Singh to step down from being the national hockey coach. Zulzamran almost got it in Mexico..World Champion in bowling but lost it in semi final.The Agong didnt finish the WEI endurance last week in Trengganu...and so are the other Malaysians...they cant even overcome the harsh weather conditions in their own backyard when a foreign lady emerged as the champion. Malu lor..

This Saturday... I'll be taking part in my 2nd sudoku challenge. I was beaten last year in Johor. This time I am putting a lot of effort and hope that I will not face another "master". My aim is to go beyond the 1st round but I am in the Individual category....54 years old and below!! The most difficult group and the most participants.Phew....

Any other sudoku warriors amongst us who is taking part this Saturday at Ikano?

Why do you all remain silence.. J Lo, Philo, Razlin, Maria, Capt Zaki, Khairul, Vanitha, Hoon and Lilian and others....others.... pls lah.... buat lah bising-bising and become kepoh types...make life full of zest.... kita sama-sama celoteh. Arent you all feel bored? Oh!!yeah..may be my celoteh makes you all bored?

Ok i'll stop.

capt... KL


Dear Capt & Famemasians...

DYMM Agong x habis bkn sebab Baginda x larat dlm hujan, tapi kuda x sihat...Endurance race ni, bukan main terror kita je..kuda pun kena sporting...nak kena check-up the health of the horse after every session/ protect the horse from being over-exploited by riders...

Sorry lah Capt...a few function, I miss is the smester break for 5 weeks...kalu sekolah, sekolah cuti cikgu pun cuti, but not university lecturers... this is the time for us to keep abreast dgn research and publication kita...kononnya!...

What happen 2 Arsenal ahh? one day, they won big, but the next...they just kaputtt...any explaination?

Capt Zaki


Capt Dr Zaki,

I didnt know that you are also a vetinarian other than pokoktalking. heheheThank you for your participation in this celoteh.... I am just trying to make Famemas active....sentiasa bersama-sama...bukan sahaja untuk menyorak di luar negara namun sentiasa aktif pada setiap masa.Pls try to make yourself available on 13 Dec...our bowling date at Sunway.

T Kasih Captain Dr.

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