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Celoteh - SIGNS

Kepten Shafarib celoteh

Dear all,

Sorry guys... you all have to bear with me. Yeah, some just hate my celoteh but some insisted that I should write. Since I have these itchy hands and I dont want my mind to lay idle, here I am. If you just dont like it...then by all means just erase it or ignore it. Either way it is FOC.

Chong Wei and the women's doubles lost in the finals of China BWF. Fauzy got 10th in the feature race of A1GP race at Sepang today. Earlier in the day, he got a flat tyre in the 2nd lap. So...from 1st, Malaysia is now 4th or 5th. Just the other day, Razlin wrote that Arsenal is just like Malaysia when Arsenal beginning to lose matches. Well, if I were to be in FAM, I would say THANK YOU very much to Freida Pinto the 2nd. It is not a condemning comment but rather an appreciation. How can you similarise Arsenal to Malaysian soccer! You are like giving credits to those lousy guys in FAM! Oh... no. Jangan macam tu sekali.."Arsenal is like Malaysia". They are not in the same league... it is like grouping Harvard University and UniSEL. Sama kah? Of cos the "standard" gap is too far...It is of 2 different kinds... tak sama. And even Norwich City's standard is just too good to compare to Malaysian soccer. Even Fiji can beat New Zealand and kita??? we even lost to the school boys of Vietnam (in the Pestabola Merdeka recently)... so are we at the same lavel of Arsenal?? May be we are only good for the first 4 letters of that great English football club. Sorry.

Coming to signs..well I am naive about these signs in chattings, emails and sms.
:) p :)D :)d can some one tell me the meanings.

The ones I know off;
lol=laugh out loud
gtg=got to go
:)~.. =our aneh talking with the tounge out and saliva too
:)KS =our aneh kissing the monitor's screen

About email addresses.... I didnt realise the importance of it...or to be exact..the different of standards. My Amira is too excited (and feeling like a jakun) that she got when she reported for her internship with Daimler. me as long as I can stay connected ... apa apa pun boleh lah. Oh!! may be some people are brand wise. Whatever it is.. I am very happy for her as long as she is happy.

Guys..try to read "Letters to Sam" by Daniel Gottlieb. It is a collection of 32 letters from a grandfather who is a quadriplegia (paralysed from neck down) to his grandchild who is suffering from autism ( brain disorder). "...these letters are inspiring reminders that, regardless of our abilities or limitations, we are all the same". The writer stressed on altruistic love... the real meaning of pure love... and the many other things about life. This is a very good book especially for younger generation. I'll change your perception towards life after reading it. FYI Borders is offering 3 books for the price of 2.

And I didnt get through the 2nd round of the sudoku challenge. I hate to lose especially for silly mistakes but that is what a competition is all about. I'll come back 'stronger' next year.....
Guys... try to pick up sudoku. U can download from It is FOC. dont buy the books cos they are quite costly and then you dont need all the other categories (levels). I hope I can meet some Famemas member next year.

About her...and after reading "Letters to Sam"..... I now realised why I stopped chatting with others (IRC and messagings), why I am into fishing, sudoku and readings book during free time and why I frequented the ' musical lounge'. Well.. it is just that I think I am getting older. Now I must correct it... " I might be getting older but I am NOT an old man." And what connection it has to do with her?? Well.... I realised the changes were after Dec 2003...
Now...I must act!! hehehe hopefully it is not too late.

Adios guys....

Capt...feeling very lonely.

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