Ahad, 12 Oktober 2008

Ucapan Raya dari Kepten Shafari

Kepten Shafari Menulis

Hi all,

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin to all muslims. Happy weekend to all.

Fairuz Fauzy did a splendid job where Alex Yoong failed by coming tops in the Dutch A1 GP. But being Malaysians we must be very cautious...this could be like any other sports where Malaysians are involved...when the expectations and demands are high, then it fails...this is another Malaysia Boleh. We can only hope and pray that this is not a "false start" thing.

On F1, there is still a chance for my fren Kubica to be World Champion. Come on Kubica!! Gua caya sama lu! And my other fren is now world no 3.... Vijay Singh in golf. The other friend of mine... Dorai, he is world no 2 in preparing maggie mee. FYI, he bought tons of maggie mee every month. Cant blame him...being a single father..thats the best food he could cook. hehehe So you all can imagine what are the "kueh" for Deepavali...murukuh made from deep fried maggie mee!! Is it still too early to wish our Aneh Dorai, "Happy Deepavali?"

And the great news... Malaysia beat Pakistan 4-1! Ole Ole Ole Ole...but F*&%$#@! It is in Pesta Bola If it would have been in hockey, I would have belanja you guys. Pakistan is ranked 168 in the world. So you all know our standard. This is the result when the royals and politicians get involved in sports. Damn it!!

My daughter, Amira went back to her 2nd home last nite. It is her final year but in Germany's education system...she is doing her practical for 6 months and another semester to spend on training.. OJT type... On The Job Training. Then she'll graduate with a diploms... equivalent to Masters..but it is yet to be recognised as masters in Malaysia.. and the total duration for her to get it is 4 yrs 6 months. A few of her frens have already got their masters from Malaysian Universities! Yeah.. she lost on this point but since she is into engineering, I think she has the upper hand cos Germany is where the technology is especially in automotive. I've advised her to work in Europe for a few years after this to mark up her market value if she were to work here later. Well... it is never easy to send off any of your children to far away country for long spell but for the sake of their is the sacrifice parents have to make. And I've this phobia type...whenever I imagine that my daughter or someone I am close alone in another part of the world, I'll feel pretty sad and it created a lump in my throat. may be it is because of my "torturing" training days that I recalled when I was in Pakistan in way back in 1978-79. "her" can go to any where but pls dont inform me...what I need is some news on your return...that too if you cant sleep due to jet lag...heheheh

Hari Raya get-together on 18 Oct? I am looking forward to this. To all she-Famemasians, pls come in baju kurung, baju kebaya, sari, cheong sam...traditional clothes pls. Then it'll look much much better...a meaningful gathering of all races.... let us show that we are truly Malaysians. The males...Hoon and Lee to come in kung fu clothes?? Zuldean in songket with keris?? And Dorai in birthday suite?? hehehe... jangan marah Anei... it is because I cant recall the "male" version of sari. Is it "kurta"? Sorry Aneh.

So guys... let all of us committ to this gathering...the more the merrier.

Till we meet at the gathering... Happy Weekend. Enjoy yourselves whenever and whereever possible cos life is too short. Make the best of it.

And Razlin...can u put on a kebaya for the occassion? hehehe...



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