Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

Celoteh Kepten Shafari

Kepten Shafari Celoteh
Hi all,

Famemas Hari Raya gathering was over.... but till today I am feeling down...really down with it. It was not so much that she did not turn up...but what about others? Only 19 of us were there when there are many many Famemasians are in the Klang valley area.

Are Famemas members no more interested in this form of gatherings? Yeah.. we can call one another, or chat or sms or to meet up in smaller groups. But that was a Hari Raya get-to- together!! J Lo, Philo, Vanitha, Hoon and Lilian, Rainee, Ivy, Kak Salbiah, Razlin, capt Zaki, Khairul, Jamal, Maria, Oormilla and others....where were you all??

Oh... was it that most of you just dont like my presence? That was the reason why many of u did not turn up? Ok ...tell me then. If it is for the sake of Famemas...I m ever willing to sacrifice. I've got my panching kakis, business friends and former army and schools mates to hang around with... but to be honest, I just like to be part of you all, Famemas. We are from all walks of life with Malaysian sports in our hearts and we spent many days together...shouting our lungs out...cheer leading the other spectators, eating together, shopping together and we did many other things together... like painting someone else face when he/she lost in the card game? Eating fried grasshoppers and caterpillars together? Laughing, hissing and booing together when someone was trying hard to sing at the front of the bus?? Well...these incidents and many more that made me to miss you all.

So frens.... think and try to recall the past.. the times when we were together...arent they beautiful? Arent they made up your days...... I enjoyed each and every trip that I went with Famemas especially the Vietnam trip...(u know why) hehehe

And that words from Tok Moh, "kalau nak pergi overseas, sanggup ambil cuti seminggu, tapi untuk perjumpaan... malang sekali ye" is still ringging in my years... but there is some truth in it.

Oh yes... I did put on my baju melayu but it did not matter at all... it was meaningless. Actually I cut short of my Pahang trip...I rushed up my work committments..cos I want to be part of you all... but that too...had got no much returns. I should have gone to Kenyir or Taman Negara to fish or lazing around on the sandy beach at Cherating or meet up with my nephews and nieces in Bera. Yeah... it is not that I am regretting over it but it is just that I am feeling down....sungguh luruh hati saya.

Luckily there were Zul, Hafidz and family, Lee and family, Raimah Ali and hubby, Aneh Dorai and his boyfriend, Yusnita (in kebaya moden...I presume), Zulhabri, Keh, Nic, David, Jason, and... siapa lagi huh? Did I miss someone?

Before I forget;

HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all our Indian members. Hopefully our Mr Dorai will open his doors to all of us during this festival. Whoever want to taste murukhu maggi mee.... pergi lah ke rumah Aneh Dorai di USJ... opposite Taipan. Datang lah di waktu siang... kalau malam, berhati hati!

Ok gtg.

Till next time.... happy weekend, Happy Deepavali and just take care of your love ones and also yourselves. Enjoy life......


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