Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

Mr. Dorairaj Celoteh

Mr. Dorairaj Celoteh

Hai Kaptan! Thank you for your kind wishes. Sometimes when when we kid and joke at each other it means that we are close. After reading your mail I felt deeply how much you want all of us to be together again. I know it means alot to you.It would have been much more merrier. Perhaps many had things of their own to do or got other commitments.

To me every single event of Famemas is life to me..... As I have said earlier Famemas changed my life putting in more zest and oooomp...whatever you call it.I try to make it at all cost to attend any function that Famemas organize. People take all the trouble to make that event a success but I feel many do not understand. I missed the previous event at Sunway although I was looking forward to it greatly and I really felt bad about it if not for some family commitment. For Ivy I can understand as she is working in Singapore now and Renee did call to say she really cannot make it.

Lets hope our Bowling Event will turn out to be better.If at all we find out again many do not turn up for the bowling event......we shall go house to house and make IFA arrest (Internal Famemas Act )

Do not feel down Kaptain........Look at the bright side (although I am dark) I was there with many others who made the gathering lively.

With Regards.

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