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Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Should any member of FAMEMAS is interested or wishes to purchase tickets for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, for FAMEMAS sponsors, themselves or their family members of their friends, please see attached the following documents of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and fill up the ticket reservation forms and submit the application to OCM, no later than 14th January 2015.
Logo Rio 2016 Olympic Game
  • The document includes two pages: 
  1. 1st page: ticket order form that needs to be completed with the ticket order 
  2. i2nd page: the detailed competition schedule with all details about each session and the corresponding Olympic venue 
  • The ticket order form needs be returned with the ticket order no later than January 14th 2015 to OCM 
  • The ticket order is binding and cannot be changed afterwards. The OCM Ticket Agent, VIP Sportstravel will issue a booking confirmation once they received the completed order form. The respective contact person needs to sign this booking confirmation. 
  • The prices indicated in the order form are the Rio Olympic Games Organising CVommittee (ROCOG) sales prices in BRL. For the federations & sponsors of the OCM a ticket handling fee of 20% within the limit of 120 BRL per ticket will be added to this price. The final invoicing will be in US Dollar with the fix exchange rate of 1 USD = 2,35 BRL. 
  • If ROCOG cannot provide the tickets in the requested category, a lower category for the same session can be allocated to you. 
  • VIP Sportstravel strongly recommend to achieve an appropriate balance between high and regular demand sessions in order to maximise the chances of obtaining a higher percentage of the requested tickets. 

 Should you need further clarifications, please contact OCM. 


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