Selasa, 9 Disember 2014


I was seated a row below those two Vietnamese girls with Tok Mo. That was because the Malaysian supporters sections were all filled to the brim. After the rain started I moved to the upper terraces to protect myself from the rain. But the section of 1000 Vietnamese supporters didnt move.
Mr. Lee & TokMo
That was when the commotion started and a few Malaysian supporters started attacking the Vietnamese group. Water bottles were thrown at the area when Tok Mo and I were once seated. Some supporters from both sides started running away. FRU officials moved in to keep order.
Shame on the few soccer hooligans who mar Msia image at Vietnam game. Now we can expect same reception at MyDinh Stadium for 11 Dec return game...
After the match, a small fire was lit which was quickly put off. Supporters stayed behind the stadium and continued chanting. Some cracker missiles were fired into the air.
TheVietnamese Supporters did provoke us by showing the middle finger... and the way they danded... as claimed by some friend who were there.
It was a sad nite for Malaysian soccer. We thought English hooliganism happened far far away but this time, it happened in our shores...

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